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Tiny Bits of Energy by Dianna Bohakel


Our consciousness creates our thoughts.  Aren’t tiny bits of energy needed to do that and to hold our memories together?When we harbor uplifting thoughts, our yearnings for more life become stronger.  The forces of Evolution bring us to classes like these.  Bits of energy, bits of Evolution, power our determination to reach greater heights of happiness and fulfillment, of beauty and peace, of abundance and love.  They help us to remain open, hopeful, enthused.

As we grow in faith and trust in Spirit, the world around us becomes freer, brighter.  Bits of thought energy become spiritualized.  They add radiance to the thought bank around our earth and strength to the forces of Evolution.

What about the thoughts and memories that oppress us, that perpetuate fear and anger and resentment?  They, too, require energy, but those little bits are trapped, unable to evolve.

When we forgive, we cleanse ourselves and our world of oppressive thoughts and memories.   We free the energies that created and held them together.  Those tiny bits of the power of Evolution become available again.

Let us be conscious stewards of the energies, the innocent parts of nature, the vehicles of creation, that are entrusted to us.  Let us be aware that they are always functioning within and around us.  By our usage of them, let us each day add radiance to the thought bank around our earth so that Spirit, Oneness, may be realized in our world.


Dianna Bohakel is a spiritual teacher and Prayer Chaplin with Unity of San Francisco.

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