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Do you feel that time is your friend or is it something you’re always at odds with, always struggling for more and never quite having enough?  Time, like money, is a matter of consciousness.  They are both great barometers as to whether we are living from the inside out or from the outside in.  If we have any belief in or attachment to lack consciousness, that “not enough” state of mind, it will surely show up in our relationship with money and time.  If you find yourself saying “there’s just not enough time… not enough hours in the day” then that will be your experience and it’s hard to argue with experience, but that’s exactly what living from the inside out means.  It means if you don’t like what your experiencing, change your mind, change your thoughts.  Living from the inside out means knowing, trusting that it all comes from you.

Here’s a powerful tool to change your experience of not enough time.  Take those moments during the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed, those times when you think the last thing you have time to do is stop, and STOP!  Take a moment and focus within.  Take the time… Take hold of it.  Grab it and take charge.  Instead of being a slave to time, make it work for you.  Take a deep breath and take the time to get centered in your body.  Do the Miracle in 3 Breaths.  Better yet, close your eyes and just focus on your breathing and your connection with gravity for 5 minutes.  Tune into your inner world, your Higher Mind.  (You can always find 5 minutes, even if you have to lock yourself in a stall in the restroom and take a rest.  Hey, it’s called a restroom!)  How much more sane and manageable would your day be if each time nature called you spent 5 minutes consciously relaxing and getting centered in your own energy?  How much more powerful and grounded would you feel if you took the time… used time to balance into your own rhythm.  Make time work for you.  Make time your friend!  Once you’ve replaced “not enough” with serenity and peace of mind ask yourself what’s next and bring this relaxed peace of mind to the task at hand.  Focus on it fully, giving  it the time it deserves with your full attention and choose to enjoy the task, knowing its yours to do and that you have all the time you need to complete it successfully, even joyfully (wow, what would life be like if you gave yourself the gift of enjoying everything you do?  More on this in the next blog post.).  A job worth doing is worth doing well  (OMG I’m quoting my mother now…LOL.) and joy breeds excellence (I think I just made that up.)  Take the time you need and enjoy each activity and watch your relationship with time expand!!  If you’re participating in the 7- week AWAKENING series, use the tools!  Notice how as you ground into your body with the meditations and the videos this week how your relationship to time changes.  Look at nature.  There’s enough time in each day for the earth to blossom into life.  The season and the tides have their own perfect rhythm, just like you and I.  Trust it!  Feel it by connecting with your body, gravity and breath… And when that “not enough” chatter start to take over, release it.  Say to your self or right out loud “I release any belief in lack and all attachment to ‘not enough.’   I live in an abundant  universe.  I am prosperous.  There is always more than enough!!” Then affirm this by taking the biggest breath you can and as you feel that invisible substance of life and consciousness fill your lungs be aware of it’s infinite presence everywhere around you. Be aware that moment by moment you are forming this substance into your life experience, through you thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Choose your thoughts and feelings wisely, consciously.  Choose to live from the inside out.  Check back later for more info on just how to do that.



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