Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

The Power of Sound


Ancient teachings tell us that the physical universe was created from the primordial sound of Om, and that vibration continues to bring the universe into existence moment by moment.

Fifteen years ago I experience the healing power of the voice when I met a Native American sound healer who was able to reverse the the growth of my Mother’s liver cancer to the amazement of her medical professionals. I worked with him for over a year and experience this healing power flow through me for my own healing and in my work with clients. During the past 15 years I’ve also discovered that sound not only has the ability to balance and harmonize mind, body and spirit it can connect us intimately with Source and our Higher Guidance.

TAKE A MOMENT NOW to breathe into your body feeling gravity and your Earth Mother drawing in the breath. As you exhale let go of all distractions, settle into your body and be here now. With the next inhale feel Source singing Om into your body. Feel it activating every cell and every system. As you exhale feel that silent Om radiating out from you in all directions. Now, breathe that potent, silent Om back in. Feel it nourish and enliven your body, your senses, your chakras. As you exhale SING THE OM out loud (or silently if you’re not alone). Now take a few moments to breathe into the experience. Feel the Presence of Source, THE POWER OF SOUND.

Chanting and singing have always been a part of spiritual practice and our connection to Source. Experience this connection and so much more: SOUL SINGING: The Voice of the Heart starts January 20, 2021. This course is about activating the throat chakra to harmonize the entire chakra system and freeing the voice so we can speak our truth, sing our joy and bring balance, connection and authentic expression into our experience. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO REGISTER.