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The Miracle in 3 Breaths and Other Life Savers


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THE MIRACLE IN 3 BREATHS is the fastest way I know to stop the mental chatter and get grounded in your body in the here and now.  Do it often.  It’s effects are cumulative.  The more you do it the more benefits you get.

THE 6 BY 3 BREATH is for when you’re really stressed or anxious.  It’s also great for helping you fall asleep.  Breathing gently through the nostrils let your abdomen and chest fill from the bottom up for a count of 6 (about a second per count if that’s comfortable, if not, speed it up until its comfortable.).  Pause at the top of the breath for a count of 3.  don’t close the throat, just and easy natural pause then exhale for a count of 6 and pause for a count of 3 then begin the process again.  The breathing should feel natural and full, although if you’re stressed you may feel some resistance at first, just stick with it and soon the body will relax into it.  And if you’re still struggling, call me for a free consult 917 453 3687.  I’m sure I can help.  I have lots of other tools.