Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga



1. Take a walk and feel your relationship with Mother Earth and gravity with each step.

2. Take a bath and experience how good it feels to be in your body.

3.  Make a special meal for your self. This can be as simple as a salad or a sandwich or elaborate as a 5-course meal as long as you’re listening to what your body wants as you pick the ingredients and make it with love and eat it with delight, savoring each bit.

4. Dance

5. Be in nature.  Spend some time at the beach or the park.

6. Have a 5 minute yawn and stretch session, just writhing around on the bed or on the floor.

7. Pet, connect with and pamper an animal. Feel the joy and pleasure of that non-verbal communion.

8. Do the Root Chakra guided meditation.

9. Watch and/or do the Root Chakra Video 1.

10. Take a conscious breath and say “YES” to you body, your life, this moment.

Remember to explore your beliefs and thoughts about your body and your relationship to the physical world.  Are you feeling safe and nurtured?  If not what’s your mental chatter?  Can you change the channel: “I love my body.”  “With each breath I sent it healing love and energy.”  “I am supported by gravity and Mother Earth, breath and Father Universe.”

Are you doing the video and listening to the meditations?  Any interesting dreams?  Please post them on the blog along with any questions or comments.  The more you put into this process the more you’ll get out of it.

I had an interesting dream last night with some of you!!  Lenora, Leslie and I were running for a subway train (a downtown express).  We made it just before the doors closed them realized the rest of you had gotten into other cars.  I also had family reunion dream last night at the ocean… cousins were there, one who I hadn’t seen in years and she’d gotten younger.  She was a little girl.

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