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Thanks for a wonderful call last night.  I’m so proud of everyone who is staying with the process.  Remember its not about “figuring it out” its about being willing to be present and using the tools to help you do that.  We’re confronting the ego minds version of reality and the error thinking of the collective consciousness.   We’re learning to live from the inside out and to trust in the unseen and claim our power of imagination and will, to create the life we want by aligning with our Creative Source and our Divine Purpose; THE SPARK OF LIFE.

From Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar

This is the card I drew before last night’s call:

Pyrite — Spark of Life: Your Healing Journey TodayIf Pyrite has come to you today, you are headed into the warm tropical waters of Self Realization.  Mastery, Purification and Healing of the Mental and Personal Power levels of self are occurring.  This beautiful energy that surrounds you on this day paves a Fearless road of Joy and Happiness; the Sun will rise in your heart offering the vitality that you have requested to change your life.  Now all you must do is use it.  Stand in truthful focus and choose your path wisely, the voice of your Soul has never been so present, breathe it to your Heart and take action.  In Pyrite’s embrace, the time is right to do whatever it is you have put off and hidden in the back or your mind.  Play in the shadows of self and release them into the world with Love Power and Wisdom.

Listen not to the sounds of the world around you, for they are not yours, hear the inner single sound that you truly are and the Peace. Love and Oneness of the Universe will be born from your Confident Spark.  Remember the only thing to Fear in the universe is your own mind our of control, it creates your perception and eventually your entire world, your reality.  Be Free Now, Choose Life.

Check out “Ending the Struggle”  The blog post from February 11 and notice the synchronicity of information and guidance that’s coming from Spirit!

Awakening 2012 Conference Call 3 2_17_12

03 Chakra Three_ Solar Plexus

AWAKENING:Solar Plexus Week 3 — Video 1

The Liquid Crystal Website

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