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Last fall an amazing opportunity fell into my lap.
I began doing readings at 
The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. using The Liquid Crystal Oracle.

I’d been using the Crystal cards for years, both personally and in my work with private clients. The power of the Crystal cards is that they not only provide powerful wisdom and guidance, they also connect you energetically to the crystals themselves, activating the rainbow or light body and harmonizing the chakra system.  They were a perfect match for me because this is the CEA (Carsten Energy Alignment) work that I’d been doing for many years.  So, when an updated edition of the cards was published last year, 
The Scarlet Sage Herb Co. special ordered it for me from Australia!

I was doing my morning meditation on the day I was scheduled to pick up the cards when I heard a voice, clear as a bell:
You will be doing readings at Scarlet Sage.”
I didn’t even know if they offered readings, but as I was paying for the cards I casually mentioned to Laura, the charming woman who was helping me, “You know, I use these cards to do readings for my clients.”  Laura, who just happened to be the owner of The Scarlet Sage, said “Great! 
Are you available Saturdays?”  I’ve been doing readings at The Scarlet Sage ever since.

The Liquid Crystal Oracle came to me about 5 years ago around the same time crystals began flowing into my life.  Clients began gifting me stones and crystals.  I even found one glittering at me from under the plants outside of my apt.  The cards and the Crystals have been an invaluable tool, personally and in my energy work with clients.  They activate and deepen my intuition and inner senses (chakras) and they focus and amplify my toning work (something I almost always add to my readings at Scarlet Sage).

Doing readings at The Scarlet Sage twice a week for the last 6 months has deepened my connection with and appreciation of the Oracle and the Crystals, and my work with private clients especially the CEA sessions has taken a quantum leap.  All this has inspired me to let the work evolve to the next level.  So, I was thrilled when, after sharing a powerful reading/activation session with my dear friend Valerie Hausmann of Center For Sacred Studies, she said 
Carsten, that is amazing!  You have to share that with our people. “ The result:

Introduction to

– deepen your intuition
– awaken inner senses
-reveal untapped gifts & talents
-discover the power of Crystals
& Liquid Crystal Oracle
– empower your voice to balance
& harmonize your chakras
– experience your Higher Self
– activate your rainbow body

Tuesday June 14
356 Euclid Avenie
San Francisco, CA

Suggested offer of appreciation: $25-40

Love & Light All Ways