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What if you could stop the chatter of the ego, the suffering of the mind and move from your head into your heart and experiencing a place of stillness?  What would it be like to find the Kingdom of Heaven within that the Christ told us about, that place of non-resistance and acceptance that the Buddha attained?

Experiencing this place of acceptance and love has been a life long process for me so it’s not surprising that my spiritual journey has moved me into experiential practices like yoga, acting, dance, singing, chanting as well as spiritual movements such as Unity and Oneness.

This past fall it all came together as THE PRESENCE PROCESS, A Journey into Present Moment Awareness fell into my lap. As I moved through this powerful 10-week process experiencing and clearing unresolved emotional charges I discovered that place of stillness. Underneath the grief, fear and anger I found a place of peace, bliss, unconditional love and authentic joy.

I also discovered a new emotion. During one powerful session I moved into a place of deep, pure grief. At the depth of my despair I felt my heart break open, the shame, guilt and self judgment melted away, and through my tears I began to laugh as I continued to cry even harder but now they were tears of joy.

I called this new emotion crauphing, a combination of crying and laughing that felt ecstatic. In fact I’d never felt so alive. It felt like my whole body was having an orgasm, convulsing with sobs and laughter and I simply had to surrender to it as I wailed at the top of my lung. I’m sure the whole neighborhood heard me and I didn’t care. It felt like I was healing the whole planet… all of humanity. I felt as though I was healing and clearing centuries of blocked, unfelt a unresolved emotion and coming into harmony with the universe.

During the 10-week Presence Process I had a number of crauphing experiences, one that lasted nearly 30 minutes.  After the sessions  I was left with a feeling of peace and well-being that stayed with me for days. The mental chatter was gone and I was simply present, enjoying life in a place of love, acceptance and appreciation for myself, for others and for life itself. I believe this is the natural state of our being, the next natural step in our spiritual evolution.

I’m not there all the time, however I now know that when my buttons get pushed, when that mental chatter starts insisting that something is wrong and I need to fix myself, others or the world around me, I have tools that allow me to feel the underlying emotions and bring myself back into balance, back into my heart.  These are the tools that I’ll be sharing with you as we move through The Presence Process together.

Listen to Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process

Last Wednesday I met with Gabe and Adriana who will be acting as our guides at The Casa de Dom Inaciao in Abadiania, Brazil during our visit with John of God in March. Gabe and Adriana have been to The Casa a number of times and were able to give us a lot more information about what the experience with John of God will be like. It sounds absolutely amazing! They have also agreed to be in charge of presenting your photographs to John of God and The Entities so I will be able to focus on my own healing while I’m down there. This is great news if you decide to sign up for this program knowing that your photos will be getting special care and attention and you will receive the full impact of the healing energy. (The first 10 people to sign up will have their photos and healing requests presented directly to John of God.) Please watch the attached videos to hear Wayne Dyer share about the powerful remote healing he received through John of God. Not only was he cured of leukemia, he had a powerful “spiritual awakening.”
Wayne Dyer Healing Part 1
Wayne Dyer Healing Part 2
Gabe and Adriana, also shared with us the powerful spiritual healing that they and others have experienced both in person and through remote healing (photographs). They stressed that preparation is very important in making the most of this experience and that’s what The Presence Process is all about. Not only is The Presence Process a powerful healing process on its own, we will be adding to the ten week process that Michael Brown developed, getting clear about our intentions for healing and spiritual awakening in the New Age and writing them down along with any prayer requests you have for friends and family to give to Gabe and Adriana who will place them in “the prayer triangle” at The Casa in Brazil for blessing from John of God and the Entities. Gabe and Adriana have assured me that no wish or prayer is to large or to small. We’ll be making lists of all we want to create around health, wealth love and perfect self expression. Ask and ye shall receive.

CLICK HERE to real all about The Casa de Dom Inaciao & John of God (page 22, paragraph 9.7 tells about photos and remote healing)

I’m thrilled to be working through this process again and this time with a group and especially excited because we’ll be using the Revised Edition of The Presence Process, A Journey Into Present Moment Awareness and combining it with the healing power of John of God. I’ve just been browsing through the Revised Edition in preparation for our first session on Saturday and wow, this Revised Edition seems to take it to a whole new level.
“I have been absolutely amazed by what The Presence Process has done for my life and the full scope of the work I do… providing us with a path that leads to an authentically joyful life. I noticed a big change in my experience of doing The Precsence Process with the first edition, and with the new, definitely improved model. It took me deeper and was more to the point and truly reflects the imporved clarity in the authors consciousness.” Dr. Judith Kravitz, Founder & Director, Transformational Breath Foundation
“At the end of this version, Michael has added a “parting gift,” a concluding meditation that he recommends we do daily to help us stay connected with felt-Presence…” (From the Forward of The Presence Process)

One more thing: as I was saying goodbye to Gabe and Adriana they advised me to bring a pillow to Brazil because I will be spending a lot of time in mediation and would be sitting on hard wooden benches. I asked if I could sit on the floor because that is more comfortable for me. They were adamant. “No. You must sit on the benches with you feet flat on the floor because the Casa is built on a huge crystal formation and you need to be aligned with that energy.” Suddenly my ears started to ring, I felt light headed and I just started laughing. We all started laughing. Gabe and Adriana told us that the minute you make the decision to go to Brazil, the Entities begin “working on you.” I have been feeling these surges of energy ever since my brother booked our flight but the energy in that moment, as I visualized all this taking place on a huge crystal formation, was amazing!!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Don’t miss this opportunity. If you’re not able to make the weekly Saturday meetings, no worries, you will receive a recording of each meeting within 24 hours and can use that to stay on process experiencing Present Moment Awareness and your picture will go with me to Brazil along with your intentions and healing requests for John of God.

And to SIGN UP

Please contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you!