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Be conscious, open and align.  As I open to the living spirit of Truth within me and Align with Universal Mind I consciously participate with my human family in building this dream we call life.

What a wonderful first teleconference we had last night!! I want to thank all of you who participated.  As promised here is the paragraph about Carnelian, the card I drew for this 1st week’s class from Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar:


The presence of Carnelian today is a Healing and Empowering step back into life.  As she makes her way into your world it is as though the Sun is shining within you.  Shadows, sorrow, self-destructive attitudes and doubts are washed clean, leaving a clean slate to rebuild and create your world.  The rules are simple, be free, be creative and most importantly be you.  Set goals and draw a path of joy upon which you will confidently walk to your individual purpose.  Carnelian can and will, if you allow her, guide you back to the creative individual fires that burn in your heart.  Do something New, something Forgotten and something Feared in the coming weeks and rediscover the common thread, your individual spark and Trust in Self

 Carnelian can also represent a new relationship or a breath of life into an established one, now is the time to act.

How beautifully this aligns with what folks on the call said they wanted to get out of this 7-week Awakening process.  Let that new relationship this week, be your relationship with your body and the physical world around you. As you move into the Root Chakra this week breathe in that breath of life with the yoga videos and guided meditations and be aware of the messages you send your body.  What is your relationship to your physical world… to Mother Earth?  Do you feel safe in your body?  Do you feel safe in the world?  What is your relationship to illness and disease (dis-ease)?  Are you living from the inside out… projecting health and well being into your body, life and the world around you?  Or, are you putting up your defenses and trying to protect yourself from a dangerous and hostile world that’s out to get you?  Do you feel nourished and supported by Mother Earth, your life and your world?   Or do you feel it’s a constant battle?  Be aware of the food you eat.  Listen to what your body wants and needs.  Take actions that nurture and support you physically.  Use the breath to expand your consciousness into the body, linking the ego mind into the body.  Do the Miracle in 3 Breaths. Get out of your head where you’re trying to “figure it (life) out” and experience being present in you body, here and now.  Our bodies have so much to teach us.  They are part of Mother Earth, connected to the natural rhythms of life… the seasons and the tides, the Sun and Moon.  We don’t have to think about breathing.  It just happens!  Your body, with each breath, invites you in.  Listen to your body this week.  Take time to really feel it, imagine for a moment you’ve never had a body before.  Imagine you’ve just moved into this body for the first time.  Don’t take it for granted.   Journal about it… blog about it… dream about it!

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