Carsten Spencer

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Life as a Dream: The Angels Arrive!


Well, it has truly been a magical year!
And, it keeps getting better… deeper, not always easier but, yes, ultimately better and TRULY MAGICAL.

As part of The Dream Team and preparation for the Dare To Dream Playshop I have been approaching my waking life as a dream.   This is one of the 4 foundational practices outlined in The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche.  It has been a powerful practice, opening me even more to the synchronicity and Divine Guidance that began to blossom after I discovered The Presence Process last fall.
A few months ago, after I returned from my visit with John of God in Brazil where I received the guidance to begin working with groups in the dream state, I awoke one morning repeating the word Elohim.  I looked it up on line and found it was one of the many Hebrew names of God but couldn’t find much more than general information.   Nevertheless, I’ve found myself repeating the name on and off ever since.
About a month ago I saw the name on a jar of incense at The Sword and the Rose, the magical shop where I go to buy healing stones and amazing hand made incense that I use in my healing work.  It had been a day with some interesting events leading to me being in the shop.I’d been helping my good friend Linda Constant with her wonderful Nature Nurture Summer Camp.  When the opportunity came up to assist her this summer I immediately said YES! When I meditated on it I could feel my heart open.  I knew that spending the summer with Linda and the kids in nature would be a powerful learning and healing experience and just the grounding I needed as I began my new role as spiritual leader of Unity of Ukiah. “…and a little child shall lead them…”
That day I was scheduled to work with Linda and I was on my way to the Presidio to meet her and a group of kids when she texted me.  Her car had been broken into.  The class was cancelled and I headed down to pick her up at her mechanic’s where her car was being repaired.  We decided to make the best of it and went out for brunch.  When we finished I realized we were right around the corner from The Sword and the Rose.  Linda had never been so I had the pleasure of sharing this secret hideaway with her.
 David, the owner of the shop and the wizard who makes the incense, was not there that day, so I made a mental note to ask him about Elohim next time I saw him in shop knowing he would have some valuable information to share.   He is an amazing source of knowledge, wisdom and intuition on all occult matters. 
Then the summer got busy and I forgot about Elohim until last week.  I’d received “The Angels” for I believe the fourth time a couple of weeks earlier.  These Angels have been making their rounds for a while now.  The Angels come from a friend, you light a candle, among other things and welcome them at the prescribed time.  They stay with you for five days, bless your home and all those who enter then you send them on to three friends who have agreed to host them.  After 5 days they send them on and so it goes.
Each time The Angels have come I’ve felt their presence more powerfully and they always seem to come at the right time.  This last time I was so busy with Unity of Ukiah and Nature Nurture I almost forgot they were coming.  I remembered thirty minutes before their scheduled arrival and just had time to prepare my alter.  I opened the door and welcomed them then went into one of the deepest most profound meditations of my life.  I felt energies… entities in and around me, alive and present in my living room.  It was another busy week and when the five days were up I realized I’d never arranged for three more people to host them.  I thought about trying to quickly find three friends but having hosted three times before I’d been through most of my friends.  Actually, I really felt The Angels needed a break.  So, at 10:30pm, the prescribed departure time, I thanked The Angels for coming, opened the door and sent them on their way.
“Thank you Angels for honoring me with your presence and blessing my home four times.  You are free now to go where you will.  Feel free to take a vacation or, please feel free to stay with me as long as you like, bless my home and help me with my healing work.  I would be honored to host you as long as you’d like to stay.”
This felt right at the time and for the past weeks I have felt the Angles present, very powerfully at times.  Yet, I’ve had this nagging voice that says I should have followed the rules.  Along with the voice comes this serge of anxiety.  It came up last Thursday night while I was at the Oneness Blessing.  I was feeling The Angels so powerfully present during the blessing, a blissful serenity floating in, around and through me, then suddenly the anxiety, this fear that I’d hijacked The Angels and I’d be sorry.  Yikes!
After Oneness, though I had a ride home, I decided to walk.  About ten blocks up from Unity there on the side walk was a present that seemed to be waiting just for me.  It was a brown woven basket with two wrapped packages.  Two Angels.  My heart sang as I unwrapped them.  It seemed a most powerful and blatant demonstration.   What more could I ask for?  Well, guess what.  Five block further along I found a brand new desk lamp with a brand new bulb that fits the décor around the desk just as The Angels fit on my mantel piece, perfectly!  Angels and Light!!  Hallelujah!
That evening, after I lit the two candles I placed atop The Angels, once again I fell into a deep, blissful meditation and felt lifted and surrounded by Divine Love and Light.

Two days later I found myself in The Sword and the Rose buying a birthday gift for a good friend.  David was there.  I asked him about Elohim, told him the name had come to me spontaneously.  He said that meant I had work to do sharing wisdom and healing, working with large groups and with children. This confirmed information that had come to me the night before in a dream.  When I share the dream with David, he gave me more fascinating insights and that connected my dream to Elohim.  He told me to “expect blatant demonstrations of Elohim’s presence.”  He said that is one of the ways Elohim makes his presence know, so I told him about finding The Angels.  He wasn’t surprised.  I told him I’d come back when I had time to do a full reading with him to get more info about Elohim.  I’ll keep you posted…