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Thanks to ALL for a fantastic call to kick off Week 2/Chakra Two: The Sacral Center — The seat of creativity and inspiration.  Let’s use our creative power this week to create that vision of a life without struggle… of a helpful world, a universe that supports our highest dreams and vision for ourselves.   The feeling and the inspirational power that that vision gives us IS the energy we use to form this invisible substance all around us into life.  You do create your own reality.  Tune in to the creative powers of inspiration and visualization and start believing that inner vision.  Start trusting in your wildest dreams.  Amplify those psychic sound waves of joy and excitement.  Turn up the volume and let it drown out the fear, the doubt the self-judgment, the error thinking of “not enough.”  Build your dream world, and listen to your dreams.  They are talking to you, teaching you about yourself and your relationship with your world.

As you begin creating your vision, your version of life that most inspires you… that makes your heart SING, observe your dreams, especially dreams with strong emotions.  As that joy begins to build and we start really believing that vision, the deep seeded emotions that we’ve been afraid to feel and that created the mental blocks, the old stories that have been holding us back begin to surface and are often processed in dreams.  Powerful emotional dreams will always hold powerful guidance and information.  Nightmares aren’t bad; you’re processing and releasing old fears.  Dreams of deep sadness and grief are healing dreams, as are dreams of frustration and anxiety.  Don’t judge, just feel, feel all emotion for what it is energy, energy and don’t attach it to an old story about yourself, but do look at the circumstances of the dream from a place of detachment and curiosity.  Look at it from the point of view of where you’re going, your vision.  It’s giving you clues on how to get there.  In fact your whole life, every event, and circumstance, every drama, trauma, person, place and thing is always guiding you back to your power, your truth and your highest self expression.  Life isn’t working against you.  Life is your friend.  It’s on your side.  There’s only one side.  The good side and you’re on it.

What if there really is nothing to be afraid of?  FDR said “All we have to fear is fear itself.”  What I’m suggesting is inviting in those fears, that panic and anxiety and feeling if for what it is, energy, and then focusing that energy on what you want, not what you don’t want and watching it change to excitement, inspiration.  Feel a sense of relief as you begin to see your life through new eyes, as you start to see the gifts, the guidance the support, the love that’s right here, right now.  Resistance leads to persistence, so STOP RESISTING.  STOP THE STRUGGLE.  Take a deep breath and let go into gravity, feel the loving embrace of Mother Earth and Father Spirit and SURRENDER!

P.S.  it’s a safe universe 😀

2012 Awakening Week Two Teleconf.

02 Chakra Two_Sacral Center

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