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Elestial Quartz: Angelic Truth


I had a powerful session with a client last week.  After the session I drew a Liquid Crystal Card with some powerful wisdom that was perfect for what we had been working through.  I was able to find an Elestial Quartz at my favorite Rock Shop on my way back from Ukiah yesterday (see picture) and have been feeling it’s power.  Here’s the message from the Card:

Elestial QuartzElestial Quarts: Angelic Truth
“I hear your steps at the door to the 11th temple, the circle of blue fire** around you signals your readiness.  Step into my flames of Angelic Truth, we will seek the path of your personal power in the world then measure and purify its intentions.

Feel my blue flame of truth blanket you in a touch of initiation and welcome, together now, we tread the path of unified growth to preordained destiny.  Join we will, our Angelic siblings and drink deeply of our blended light, power, Wisdom and Love as one.  Be free.

Open child, cut away the debris of a physical life with the power of realization and embrace the Solar Angel that you came to earth to unveil and become.  You will wear the crown of the eternal son and realize the pulse of the universe runs in your will, simply allow now and rest in Truth.”

Elestial Quarts in Healing

Originally a gift from the Angels to help us master personal power Elestial Quarts is the crystal of Angelic Truth, which could be translated into the truth about one’s personal power.  For many people this crystal is very confronting as it provides susch a pure and absolute view of the self.  It shows the seeds and cores of fears, deseas3s and on’e’s shortcomings associated with the use of power in the world.  Via its powerful action, Elestial can help one to overcome emotional burdens and balance the mind to such a degree that it can deliver understanding of life purpose.  It is a special contact stone for Archangel Michael.

Your Healing Journey Today

If Elestial Quartz has come to you today, you have reached a time in life where you are ready to truthfully see where you place your personal power in the world.  In the coming days, observe your actions and those of people around you.  Remember, there should be a balance of incoming and outgoing energies where power is concerned.  A lack of personal power usually results in one becoming a victim and losing love tor self.  An excess of personal power can become a corruption of the highest order, birthing an ego that can take the reins of life and may even believe that it is the spirit.  Above all, know that Elestial Quartz is here to show you the truth.

Affirmation:-  “I own my Personal Power.”

**I intuitively connected the circle of blue fire to me mean the potent fire energy present in the breath that allows you to speak/hear your truth through the throat chakra.  Consciously wielding this fire powerfully affects the air/atmosphere that surrounds you.  Just as the sky is blue so you are encompassed in what looks like nothing until you look up at the sky and recognize it’s blue substance.  You feel it in the wind and breath and hear it in the vibrations of the voice.  During our next session, remind me and we’ll do a process that will allow you to experience this fire.

We will be using the Elestial Quartz and the Sword & Circle of  the Blue Flame Tonight at our Full Moon Celebration and at our FRIDAY HAPPENING this Friday.