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Angelic & Crystal Guidance for Humanity


Metatronhas been quite present with me for the last few years, and has been more present than ever since I’ve been teaching my online course: Soul SingingThe Voice of the HeartThis past week, after working with clients online and getting some really clear and helpful guidance from the crystals I was inspired to do a full spread to get the crystal’s eye view of what’s happening with our Human family. As I laid out the spread Metatron was present.Obsidian: TRUE SELF REFLECTION-The Heart Card connects the crystal to the Heart Chakra of Humanity. It represents the heart of the matter and explains what is happening in the heart of Humanity at this time. Here’s the guidance I got from Metatron“True self reflection is to recognize the organic connection to source through Mother Earth, and the conscious connection to source through the breath, the sky, light, sound and all our physical senses. Through that true self reflection we palpate the chakras. Palpate: like the beating of the heart, it’s an experience.  It’s a visceral awareness of that life force flowing through us and through the chakra system. It’s an awareness of our emotions and feeling centers as well as watching our thoughts and the relationship between thoughts and feelings and being able to have a detachment from both.”Process: 

Breathe the essence of obsidian into the heart chakra space. Feel it activate the breath and a harmonious flow with the body; physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual, empowering true self-reflection. Breathe into that heart center visualizing that dark shiny obsidian. As it moves in relationship to light, we are able to see the hidden colors and luminescence. Feel Obsidian and True Self Reflection illuminating your own light body and the light body of humanity and Mother Earth.

Being the observer of our thoughts and feelings from a heart-space of compassion begins a process of conscious belief restructuring that nullifies error thoughts and beliefs and brings us to: 

Moonstone: MOTHER GODDESS-The Crowning Card which is now active in the Crown Chakra of Humanity.  The crown is our direct connection with the Soul Star chakra, (now being influenced by Iolite: the crystal of VISION.) The Soul Star Chakra of Mother Earth is the domain of the Angels and Ancestors. The crowning card reveals and supports our higher guidance and what is now blossoming into Humanity.
Metatron“Moonstone affirms the Divine feminine which is now entering the mental body and the intellect which has been focussed primarily into the masculine: the idea that we must figure things out, that we need to know what it is before we allow it to move more deeply into the experience of the body. The Divine Feminine in the crown chakra is inviting the lower chakras, the feeling centers to imprint the mental body with a deeper sense of trust in, belief in… or better words; recognition of our innate self worth and eternal nature.”
Moonstone and the presence of Mother Goddess is now reconnecting our conscious mind, the intellect, which has been mostly outer focussed, with the feeling centers, the body/heart mind, the chakra system and through the chakras awakening us to our energetic connection to all of humanity and life itself.  This activates our core emotion: compassion. Mother Goddess pulls us out of the thinking mind, that sea of thoughts we get lost in, believing it’s real, and invites us into this here and now Present Moment. Which brings us to:
Chrysoprase: FEARLESS MOVEMENT-The Root Cardthe grounding element for humanity.When I focussed into the root chakra and the energy of Chrysoprase/Fearless Movement, Metatron: guided me to: “Tune into Fearless Movement as the rotation of the earth on its axis and the journey of the earth around the sun.  Embrace the big Picture, the explosive movement of the big bang which is all happening without any human doing and is not grounded in any type of fear. It is the life force that moves through you with the breath.”
The presence of Chrysoprase in the root is guiding us, helping us to relax and breathe and surrender into the fearless movement of the natural flow of life and feel the support that is always present.

Because Emerald the crystal of: SPIRITUAL HEALING came up in the Earth Star Chakra space, it affirms that Mother Earth is healing and evolving us through our physical bodies, helping us see death as just a part of life, a turning of the page. The spiritual healing that is happening now through true self reflection is to recognize ourselves as much more than these individual physical bodies. This resonates with the other green card: Aventurine who’s simple purpose is to reveal: THE UNLIMITED SELF and is now guiding the focusing aspect in the third eye, inviting us to explore and experience our unlimited nature. Rose Quarts: the crystal of FORGIVENESS in the sacral center tell us that forgiveness is happening on a deep, core level, blossoming a pathway for the unintegrated angers, fears and griefs to be channeled through the cleansing fires of the Solar Plexus into the compassionate Heart.

Fluorite:  the crystal of MENTAL MASTERY which is supporting the solar plexus is telling us that the mental body or are mentality is not what we think of as the brain and the intellect. In fact it has very little to do with thinking. Mental Mastery invites us to connect the intellect with the HeartMind and the body consciousness, the feeling centers, which includes the chakras. The solar plexus is where we feel that pure life Force, that solar or sun power which ignites stagnant energies and creates a Heart connection and the ability to act from a place of compassion and make clear, informed choices based on the energies that are present in the here and now.

Finally, Apophyllite: the crystal of Astral Travel at the throat chakra, the communication center of humanity, affirms and supports the powerful communication and clearing that is taking place on the astral plan, particularly by those that are leaving their physical bodies at this time, yet also for those of us that remain, as we sleep. Apophyllite holds powerful harmonizing energies that work on the astral plane, transmuting stagnant energies, clearing karmic patterns and integrating old angers, fears and griefs.

Metatron invited me to sense the astral plan and feel the support and guidance of the Angels and Ancestors, sharing:  “We are with you, in you and all around you. Transmuting, clearing and integrating the heavy stagnant energies which become the fuel that, when you are willing to feel unconditionally, will reveal a new vision.” (see Iiolite: the crystal of VISION, now active in the Soul Star chakra of Mother Earth and Humanity). “Nothing is wasted. Nothing is pointless. All has purpose. Though not all is meant to be grasped and understood by the intellect. We are now empowering the intellect to Embrace Mother Goddess and True Self-Reflection, reminding you of your Divine Heritage so you may feel, and know that Kingdom of Heaven within you. Let it ignite your imagination empowering a fresh vision as together we continue to evolve our Human Family into Heaven on Earth.”

“When historians pick up their pens to write the story of the 21st century, let them say that it was your generation who laid down the heavy burdens of hate at last and that peace finally triumphed over violence, aggression and war. So I say to you, walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide.”
John Lewis, civil rights icon and Angel among us.