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A Message From My Dad


I HAD A POWERFUL EXPERIENCE this past Friday that I want to share with you.  As I sat down for my morning meditation last week I noticed a journal that had been gifted to me last year just after I completed Sue Frederick’s Grief Intuitive Training Course.  During Sue’s training I experienced moving through “the veil” and connecting with those on the other side.  You may remember the “Message from Mom” that I shared in a newsletter I sent you soon after the training.  When I received the journal I placed it next to my altar planning to use it to write down further guidance then completely forgot about it.
Last week I was inspired to pick it up.  I opened to the title page and wrote the word:
“Awakening” and then:
my name
the date and the phrases:
Calling in The Divine
Life More Abundant
I then turned to the first page and wrote:
“Last Sunday I began my new life as spiritual leader of Unity of Ukiah.
Today I call in Spirit and choose to practice what I preached:
Faith & Trust
Asking for help and guidance,
Living in/from the Heart
Saying Yes to Life.”
As I moved into meditation I suddenly had the desire to connect with my Mom.  I thought maybe I could get some guidance about this new chapter with Unity of Ukiah.  Using a technique I learned in Sue’s training I began sending her love and gratitude and soon began to feel both my Mom and my Dad present.  It was Dad who wanted to communicate.
The last communication we’d had while he was alive had been three letters we’d written back and forth.  The first was a letter I sent him confronting him about memories of sexual abuse that had surface during therapy.  He’d written back with what I felt at the time were denials and excuses.  I responded with a final letter telling him that if he was not willing or able to take responsibility for his actions there was no place for him in my life.   He died five years later.
I’ve experience a great deal of healing and forgiveness since then, including some powerful ancestral healing while in Brazil, yet I still felt some fear about opening to his communication.  But his energy felt only loving and supportive so, using the technique I learned in Sue’s training, I called his name out loud three times, grabbed my pencil and journal and this is what came through:
Dad: Receive my love now as I feel and receive yours.  It has been quite a while in earth time since we have communicated… through writing in fact, yes?  That is how we ended our communication on the earth plane, though I felt you in my heart every day.  You were my greatest teacher.  I hope you know that…  You, and your brother and your sister.

I am joined now by the ancestors…  We are joined now by the ancestors.  Some are here in personality essence.  Most though are present in… energy rhythms and melodies.  That is the best way I can describe it.  We move through you like a song, touching all parts; physical, mental and Emotional with a capital “E”, for your emotional center is our connection point. (at this point he showed me a vision of the umbilical cord connecting me to my mom and I could see/feel that cord linking back and connecting with all the ancestors)The earth plane is our commonality.  It is what links us and holds us together in a creative, energetic pattern.  All of us who have moved through the earth experience move through you.  (At this point I started to doubt what was coming and then immediately felt a wave of calming encouragement.)  Just relax and write… don’t think…  We continue to have a stake in Mother Earth and the Human Family.  We feel you.  We love you because you are a great and powerful source of focus and energy.  When the human family can let go of judgment and awaken to the truth of who and what you are, which is happening, you will know yourselves as we know you — a dynamic source of creative power that is felt in all dimensions – for nothing is separate.  All is connected.  Feel that connection as you feel me right now.

You so desperately want to teach, to share, to show the world and all your fellows the magnificence of life, that you forget each day to simply experience it for yourself.  But you are learning.  You are remembering.  You are awakening ALL IN DIVINE ORDER.

We have placed you in the center of your life.  Where else could you possibly need to be?  When I say “we,” I am speaking first of the pyramid of souls of which you are the pinnacle.  The pyramid of Souls, that sits beneath you and supports you — the ancestral gestalt, the current of energy, the wave of which you are the crest.

Call on us for guidance.  And also trust and know that there is an army of Angels, helpers and entities guiding you who have never been physical.  Yet, the physical dimension and your being within it feeds them… supports them.  They feel your love, as we do, through all your emotions. The source of all your emotions is love.  I believe you know that.  That is what you taught me.  Your anger (I knew he was speaking of when I was an adolescent and teen) and your free, open and fiery expression of it were healing.  I am here to help you trust and feel and express all your feelings, as they are all love.  Stop judging them. Through the Presence Process and your dream work you will and are facilitating powerful healing on the planet.

Carstener (his nickname for me), I know you are feeling me right now very powerfully.  Trust that!  I live in your cells as does your Mother.  You and your brother and your sister are the powerful synergy of all we were, are and are becoming.  We are with you, support you in all you do just as all you do, ALL YOU EXPERIENCE, supports and nurtures us.

That’s all for now.  Do your work.  Share your vision.  Trust yourself.

Can you feel right now the depth of the love and respect and gratitude we feel for you?  Can you feel it?  Trust it.  It is real!   Love Dad.

I did feel it, very powerfully.  In fact, I was blown away by the love, support and intimacy I felt.  It was as though he was gently whispering to me from my own heart. 


WHILE IN BRAZIL I got clear about my Grand Vision which includes a worldwide spiritual community committed to healing ourselves, our Human Family and our Mother Earth by stepping fully into our creative powers.  For me this means becoming conscious co-creators with the Divine Spirit that flows through us.  I know that may sound like a pipe dream but my message from Dad confirmed for me that it is not.  It is simply
to watch my interviews with Rev Patricia Keel. 

MY GRAND VISION INCLUDES YOU.  If you are still reading this then perhaps you are part of this Grand Vision. I want to hear from you.  I received clear guidance while in Brazil to reach out and connect on a personal level.  I want to hear what’s going on with you.  What your challenges are and what YOU are wanting and needing from a spiritual community.  What gifts and talents do you have to offer and what is your Grand Vision, for yourself and for this New World we are creating?  Send me an email and let’s set up a time to talk, by phone, skype or in person.  My work is expanding and evolving so quickly that it’s hard to share it all in one newsletter.  With the new opportunity through Unity of Ukiah and my new TV show: Flash Forum and my deepening relationship with Spirit, my Human Family and our Mother Earth, my vision is expanding everyday.  I would love your input; to hear which of my programs and offerings spark your interest?  What topics you would  like to see explored during my talks at Unity of Ukiah (all of which will be available to watch on my website and Youtube)?  What guests and topics would you like to see on Flash Forum?  Maybe you know someone that’s got something to share and would make a great guest… Maybe its you!?

Don’t wait.  Send me an email today. 

Love & Light All Ways!