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2012 Awakening Starts Tonight!!


The Doorway to Your Dream

I am so excited about 2012 AWAKENING starting tonight.  I’ve spent the last week making all the preparations.  The Conscious Dreaming Meditation: The Doorway to Your Dreams (click link above to listen, its best with headphones) is finished and very powerful. (Thanks to Kevin Barnard for the beautiful and subtle sound scape in the background.)  I’ve been listening to it as I fall asleep and have been having some amazing dreams.  Last night I had a dream with Shirley MacLaine and earlier in the week I had a lucid dream.  Today I’m editing the Root Chakra yoga videos I shot this week, and planning some powerful Root Chakra exploration for week one, looking at our relationships with our bodies and the conscious and unconscious messages we send ourselves about health and well-being, stress, time management, and financial security.  To all those who are joining me on this journey, THANK YOU!! and get ready New Age, here we come!!!

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