Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

10 Ways to Celebrate/Experience Chakra 2: The Sacral Center


1. Imagine/Day Dream.  Spend some time daydreaming about something wonderful and imagine how you’ll feel when it comes true.

2. Write a poem. (Find something that inspires you and don’t think too much, just write… don’t judge.)

3. Make up a song. (Just let it flow. The shower is a great place for this one.)

4. Take a new route home or to the store.  (Don’t be afraid to get lost.)

5. Paint a picture, draw or just doodle.

6. Make love (with someone else or with yourself ;D).

7. Have an adventure.  Give yourself and hour or two or three or four and just let your inspiration guide you. (Don’t be afraid to get lost.)

8. Play make believe for a day.  Make up a character in your mind or pick someone you admire and dress and act like that character for the day.  (Don’t tell anyone what your doing, but notice the difference in how you show up and how people react to you.

9. Create your own recipe.  Go to the market and let whatever looks good and fresh and tasty inspire you.

10. Redecorate or just change something in you living space… Buy flowers and arrange them.