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YouTube Preview Image The Miracle in 3 Breaths: This my yoga tranquilizer, an instantaneous relaxation and energy balancing technique that silences “monkey mind” and stimulates alpha brain wave function as it harmonizes mind, body and spirit.  Use it daily and often to relieve stress, lower blood pressure, ward off migraines, increase energy and concentration, and experience being fully present in the moment.

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YouTube Preview ImageVideo of the Week: Awakening the Root Chakra: A yoga series focusing on seated postures and practices to balance and open the Root Chakra and develop a comfortable seated posture for meditation.  Yoga for beginners with room to grow to intermediate and more energetic.

YouTube Preview ImageVideo 1: Carsten Energy Alignment Daily Stretch: Lengthens spine, increases breath capacity massages internal organs and balances chakras, opens 3rd Eye and reconnects ego mind with Higher Mind, body and chakras.

YouTube Preview ImageVideo 2: Upper Body Breath/Core Strength: relieves shoulder and neck tension, increases shoulder range of motion, increases oxygen and blood flow to the heart, head and brain, strengthens core, energizes and balances all chakras.

YouTube Preview Image Video 3: Yoga Sit-ups: Works the abs, strengthen the core, increases breath capacity and energizes and balances the first 5 chakras; root/base chakra, sacral center, solar plexus, heart and the throat. (Video 4 is the compete 26 minute fifth chakra session.)

YouTube Preview ImageVideo 4:Chakra 5: The Voice: Yoga postures and practices to open and balance the fifth chakra, the voice/throat/thyroid.  This practice includes beginning, intermediate and advanced practices.  Start slow.  Listen to your body.  Never push yourself to the point of pain.  Your yoga should feel good to the body, like you’re yawning stretching.  A bit part of learning and moving forward is observation so do as much as you can then simply observe the rest, imagining what it would feel like to do the more advances posture.  Your body will let you know when your ready so move on and take baby step.