Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

The Dream Team

A 13-Week Adventure
Starts This January


“Explore the dream world with a group, a “Dream Team,” using lucid dreaming and out of body experiences to explore other dimensions, connect with Divine Wisdom and open a channel of healing and guidance for yourselves and humanity.”

This is part of the message that came through last year while I was in Brazil with John of God. The Grand Vision I received includes a global community focused on bringing our Human Family into alignment with our Mother Earth and the natural flow of evolution by stepping fully into our humanity and integrating our  creative powers through a conscious and intimate relationship with our Divine Source.  The Dream Team is a vital part of that Grand Vision.


Experience consciousness beyond the physical body.

Connect and communicate with higher energies, dream guides & power animals.

Explore other dimensions.

Define and align with our individual and group purpose.

Develop, explore, and expand group consciousness.

Be part of a powerful support community facilitating personal growth & creating a global Dream Network.


Dream Sharing

Group Dreaming

Guided Meditations

Dream Partners

Weekly Teleconferences

During the 13 Weeks We Will:

Discover and explore other dimensions.

Reconnect with loved ones on the other side.

Learn powerful Shamanic & Buddhist dreaming techniques.

Experience lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences and projection of consciousness.

Connect with your Higher Self, Divine Entities, Angels, Guides and Power Animals.

Explore time travel and experience past and future incarnations.

Use our dream/sleep time awaken to our authentic truth.

Dream Magic and Wonder back into our lives.

Communicate with your ancestors.

Experience parallel realities.

The Dream Team
Beyond the Body
A 13-Week Adventure
Starts This January


(includes a 60 minute private session.)

Suggested Reading:

The Tebetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche




Dreaming the Soul Back Home by Robert Moss



Out of Body Adventures by Rick Stack: (Click the link and scroll down to the last paragraph on page 10.  I’m Carl and this was my experience when I took Rick’s class in 1987.)

All the teleconferences will be recorded.  You will get the recording via email within 24 hours of each call so even if you aren’t able to be on every call, you will never miss anything and can listen to the recording at your convenience as often as you like.