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Mind/Body/Spirit Total Renewal
Home-Study Program

A 7-week home-study program to feel great in your body, powerful & present in your life.

  • Develop a meditation practice that works for you.
  • Create an exercise practice that’s not a chore but a joyful exploration and celebration of your body.
  • Stop negative, compulsive thinking and instantly ground yourself into your “power center.”
  • Discover how to manage or even eliminate chronic pain and disease as you learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs.
  • Unleash the powerful source of guidance, inspiration, wisdom and healing available in your dreams state.
  • Learn to turn anger and fear into inspiration and confidence.

And Much More: This 7 week home-study course gives you many of the tools, techniques and secrets I’ve learned over my 36 years practicing & teaching yoga, meditation and energy balancing and alignment and spiritual counseling.

The 2012 AWAKENING Home-study Course includes unlimited access to:

– 7 guided meditations to awaken, align and harmonize the chakra (energy center) system.

– 13 videos to get you into your body and celebrating life.

– Recordings of 7 teleconferences to guide you through this powerful awakening process.

– A guided dream meditation for deep healing and Divine communications while you sleep.

Week One: Healing into the Body. Feel the energy, power and security as you get grounded into your own body and align with the natural rhythms and flow of life.

Week Two: Creative Source: Discover how to tap into your creative power and focus that power through your conscious intention.

Week Three: Will Power: All that humanity has created has come through the Power of Will. Will power is intimately connected to your emotions. Learn to trust your emotions and experience the power of your will.

Week Four: Unconditional Love: Discover the Kingdom of Heaven within your own heart and experience true inner peace.

Week Five: The Voice/Healing Vibrations: The Truth shall make you free. Tap into your inner truth, and learn how to communicate from you heart

Week Six: Inner Vision. Attune your Inner Vision and learn to trust your inner guidance.

Week Seven: Aligning with Grace: Experience your personal connection to the Divine: the harmonizing, balancing principle and source of the entire universe.



“The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is Just To Love
and Be Loved In Return.”


 Price $97.00

If your heart longs for that SoulMate connection, then your Soul Mate is out there looking for you!

During this 7-week program you will:

*Learn to trust your heart and heal past hurts.
*Get clear about who you are and what you want.
*Discover the secret of setting boundaries.
*Release what’s been holding you back.
*Learn to speak your truth & ask for what you want.
*Turn on your inner magnetism.
*Attract your SoulMate.

–Are you looking for love in all the wrong places or all the right places but are still alone?
-Has your heart been broken and you’re afraid to try again?
–Have you given up on love and decided its not for you?
–Do you believe you just don’t have what it takes?
–Are you longing for love but the idea of dating triggers a panic attack?
–Do you think you are too sensitive, too shy, too fat, too old, too picky, too whatever?
–When you like someone do you get overwhelmed and float out of your body?
–Are the people you’re attracted to either already taken or don’t seem interested in you?
–Are you in a relationship that’s not fulfilling and feel you deserve more?

Do you ask yourself:

Why do my relationship always end badly?

Why can’t I find someone I really connect with?

Why does this keep happening to me?

Why am I still alone?

If any of this rings true, then
Find Your SoulMate Program is for YOU!

 Price $97.00

You will experience real transformation as we move through this powerful journey that I’ve been traveling with great success with so many of my private clients.

Find Your SoulMate Program includes:

Recordings of 7 weekly Teleconferences, Weekly Guided Meditations, Support Tools and Daily Practices that will open you heart and allow you to create the vibration that will not only attract your Soul Mate, but enhance every area of your life.

WEEK 1 BE HERE NOW — Reconnect with your Glorious Body. Get centered in the present moment and aligned with Mother Earth.

WEEK 2  SEXUALITY & CREATIVITY — Uncover and own your animal magnetism.  Experience the power of conscious choice.

WEEK 3  WILL POWER & EMOTIONAL RESONANCE — Learn to respond rather than react as you explore and clear your emotional guidance system.

WEEK 4 OPENING THE HEART — Discover your inner sanctuary, the source of your unconditional love and the key to attracting your SoulMate.

WEEK 5 FINDING YOUR VOICE — Learn to speak from your heart and tune in to your inner wisdom. SUE FREDERICK  IS THE SPECIAL GUEST teaching us how her numerology system can help you find your Soul Mate and more.  SUE FREDERICK is the N.Y. Times bestselling author of I See Your Dream Job and I See Your Soul Mate.  Read more about Sue Frederick HERE.  Listen to my interview with Sue HERE.

WEEK 6 INNER VISION — Experience and explore your inner senses.  Learn to hear and trust your intuition.  LESLIE NIPPS IS THE SPECIAL GUEST taking us through a powerful process that will release negative family and ancestral patterns allowing you to connect with your authentic self.  LESLIE NIPPS is a Master Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Family Constellation Practitioner with over 20 years experience helping clients overcome mental and emotion pain and achieve enduring happiness.

WEEK 7 (January 15, 2013): LEARNING TO FLY — You will be Celebrating a NEW YOU as you move forward with an open heart and  clear vision for the future.  Don’t be surprised if you’re already making new and powerful connections.


Price $97.00


“I started working with Carsten almost a year ago, and our sessions have surpassed all of my expectations. I initially approached Carsten because I was interested in finding a life partner. I was feeling pretty down on my prospects due to some bad dating experiences and thought I would give it a try. We started speaking weekly. I found myself really opening up and decided to keep the sessions going. I felt like I was beginning to connect the dots in many areas of my life – work, friendships, and family. All kinds of interpersonal relationships. I also had someone special come back into my life. It is too early to tell if that relationship will turn into something more, but I don’t think it would have happened if I weren’t working with Carsten.”(Bill Gehan (55), Boston)

“When I began to work with Carsten, I was amazed that even though I had already been divorced for 26 years, he tapped into a deep well of grief about my ex-husband, and the divorce.  His techniques helped me clear it out, and process my emotions, and as I began to feel open to my next right relationship I began meeting people.” (Norma C. (65). Miami)

“When I first met Carsten, I was moved by his openness, his gentleness. We have an empathic connection which makes it easy for me to be open, to share. My emotions are surfacing.  He has given me encouragement and appreciation, and my rich inner life is now a source of strength.  Because I am happier and more at peace, my creativity flows. For the first time I am looking forward to what the future will bring and to connecting with others. As I learn to leave the past behind, I am becoming lighter, freer, more able to flow with the life around me.  A lot of blessings have come to me, a lot of changes have happened in a short period of time because of my work with Carsten.   Others tell me I come across as being more energetic, more productive, more alive.  I am very grateful.”  (B.D.-64 San Francisco)

Carsten’s insights into the human spirit and intuitive sense of what’s going on with me energetically has helped me greatly on my path, and I love his compassionate, humorous and honest approach. I have made huge shifts and strides in my evolution since working with him. Most notably I’ve made significant progress in my love life and another goal near and dear to my heart (singing). Carsten has helped greatly to anchor me in my present moment experience, no matter what is going on. I cannot stress how invaluable his services are, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is ready to make dramatic shifts in their life.  Thanks Carsten!” (Christina Nielsen, San Francisco).

“I continue my work with Carsten for a very simple reason: I feel better. I am gaining a better understanding of what makes me tick, and I am feeling better about myself and my journey. It is a great gift.  Carsten is able to pin point things that I over look and get me to talk about them and open up. I think I have become more open and aware of what I am thinking… the dots are connecting faster and it allows for a greater awareness. I would recommend this to anyone who is feeling blocked or challenged in how they relate to others.” (W.G.  Boston)

“After my first “Love Life” session with Carsten I began to feel more comfortable in my own body and more clear about what I was looking for in a relationship.  The week after our second session I met someone.  I’m actually enjoying dating because I’m feeling good about who I am and I’m getting clearer about just what I’m looking for.” (M.C. San Francisco)


CHAKRA AWAKENINGS Seven Guided Meditations: Buy 2: 1 for Yourself and 1 for a Friend.  Give the Gift of Awakening.


Seven Meditation
Seven Chakras
Seven Days
Balance your energy in just one week
Feel the power as your energy aligns
Create a daily practice & Feel the energy build from week to week

Album Style and description:
7 guided meditations to balance the chakra and harmonize mind, emotions, body and spirit. Spoken word with healing music.


If you would prefer to download the album now:
Audio download as m4a files for only $14.99

Audio download as mp3 files for only $14.99

For individual Chakra meditation audio downloads each $1.50 as m4a files
1. Chakra One – The Root

2. Chakra Two – Sacral Center

3. Chakra Three – Solar Plexus

4. Chakra Four – The Heart

5. Chakra Five – The Voice

6. Chakra Six – Third Eye

7. Chakra Seven – The Crown

Album Notes:
The idea of “Chakra Awakenings” first came to me in December of 2010 when David Austin, who composed the music, approached me after I had led a guided meditation during the Sunday Service at Unity San Francisco. He had the idea of doing a cd with seven guided meditations, one for each day of the week. The chakras immediately came to my mind. I’d worked with the chakras both personally and with clients over the years. In fact, my desire to balance and harmonize the chakras and get the consciousness fully centered and grounded in the body is what inspired me to develop Carsten Energy Alignment, the energetic bodywork technique I developed in 2007-2008. David loved the chakra idea, yet because there were already a lot of chakra meditations out there we wanted to do something unique and relevant to the spiritual transformation taking place on the planet right now. I think we succeeded and hope you enjoy the results and will feel the power of these meditations.