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Let Carsten Spencer & Lenora Swan be your personal guides for…

San Francisco Spirit Tour

Includes The Blue Moon Retreat: Aug.31st – Sept 3rd
(scroll down to book separately)
4 Spirit filled days and nights in San Francisco and surrounding areas:
Sept 4th – 7th


Day 1:Friday Aug. 31st

Leave San Francisco around 2pm and arrive at Land of Medicine Buddha with plenty of time to relax and prepare for 6pm dinner and The Blue Moon Retreat opening ceremony at 7pm.


Day 2 -4:Saturday — Monday Sept. 1st-3rd

The Blue Moon Retreat in the glorious Santa Cruz Mountains continues (see details below).


Day 4:Monday Sept. 3rd

After our farewell lunch at Land of Medicine Buddha we’ll visit the world famous Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz then enjoy a leisurely drive back to San Francisco along scenic Hwy 1.


Day 5:Tuesday Sept. 4th

To connect with Spirit we’ll hike through a eucalyptus forest to a sacred spot at the top of San Francisco & call forth the Goddess of Purity who holds the focus of one of the ancient temples of Lemuria above the seven hills of  San Francisco.

Day 5:Tuesday Sept 4th (cont’d)

Explore the True Spirit of San Francisco with a city tour which may include walking the labyrinth at historic Grace Cathedral, Baker Beach, Golden Gate Park, our favorite shops and hide-aways in Height Ashbury, Japan Town and more. Tuesday evening: free time.

Day 6:Wednesday Sept. 5th

We’ll venture across the Golden Gate Bridge to visit nearby scenic and high-energy areas which may include some or all of the following: scenic Sausalito, Muir Woods, Green Gulch Farms Zen Center,  Mount Tamalpais…  Then back to The City for Love Your Body Yoga with Carsten.

Day 7:Thursday Sept. 6th

We’ll nurture the inner child with  Linda Constant of Nature Nurture.  Then have a personal tour of The Globe Institute from David Gibson’s and try his Sound Healing Tables as he leads us in a Sound Healing Workshop. After dinner, experience the power of The Oneness Blessing.

Day 8:Friday  Sept. 7th

We’re off to the wine country for a glorious day of sightseeing, wine tasting, picnicking including a special Bacchus Ceremony/Celebration.  Then back to San Francisco for our Farewell Dinner.

Spirit tour price $1,297***

Reserve your space now with a $500 Deposit (balance due by Aug. 26, 2012).

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Pay in full by August 20, 2012 and get The San Francisco Spirit Tour including The Blue Moon Retreat for $1,147.

Price includes transportation from San Francisco to The Blue Moon Retreat, shared accommodations, all meals and all retreat activities during The Blue Moon Retreat, transportation back to San Francisco and all San Francisco Spirit Tour activities and transportation. (Meals and lodging in San Francisco and transportation to and from San Francisco not included.)



The Blue Moon Retreat:

Awaken with Spirit

Labor Day Weekend: Aug. 31st – Sept. 3rd
in the Beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains

-Experience the power of a loving support community.
-Step beyond your limitations, uncover your inner strengths.
-Get centered in life & live your dreams.
-Share and celebrate your unique gifts and talents.
-Find your voice and express your authentic self.
-Unlock more intimacy in your relationships more confidence in your life.


Join us Labor day weekend at Land of Medicine Buddha as we commune with Spirit, nature and each other building relationships and community through ceremony, celebration, energy and alignment practices, Oneness Blessing, awakening techniques, hiking, swimming, laughing, playing and more…

The weekend begins 7pm Friday Aug. 31 with our Blue Moon Opening Ceremony celebrating the the BLUE MOON, the second full moon of August 2012, and continues though Monday Sept. 3 – 1pm

Retreat Price – $597**

Price includes shared accommodations, all meals (vegetarian) and all retreat activities.

**Return a $200 Deposit by Friday, August 17, 2012
and pay $547!**

Pay your Balance Here:
$347 (plus $10 processing fee)

or send check or money order (payable to Uma Maedke) to

Uma Maedke: 
2727 Edison St. #302,
San Mateo, CA 94403

Balance due by Aug. 26th, 2012

Land of Medicine Buddha:




Retreat Facilitators:

Uma Maedke’s love of spirit, voice, and teaching led her to change her life focus from opera singer, to teacher and founder of “Free Your Voice Free Your Life”, an organization that helps people learn how to use their singing and speaking voice as a vehicle for personal transformation and spiritual growth. Uma is a lyric mezzo-soprano and has performed several opera roles. She received her Masters in Opera working with Tri-Cities Opera and Binghamton University and received her Bachelors in Vocal Performance from Syracuse University. Uma has taught voice and music for 15 years, teaching at colleges, high schools, music schools, and privately, as well as directed choirs and musicals. She enjoys singing opera, jazz, gospel, broadway and folk, and more. Uma sings and leads the choir at Unity SF in San Francisco, CA, and is a Unity Prayer Chaplain.

Carsten Spencer is a Healer, Holistic Life Coach, Yoga, Meditation & Spiritual Teacher–Creator of Carsten Energy Alignment™ & The Miracle in 3 Breaths.  He has  been blessed to work and study with some of the leading spiritual teachers and healers of our time including, Shirley MacLaine, Chris Griscom of The Light Institute, John Bradshaw, Shakti Gawain, Gurumayi, as well as many native and shamanic healers, dream and astral body travelers and light body workers.  Carsten serves on the board of Unity San Francisco and is dedicated to his own awakening and the awaking of humanity so that we may become conscious creators and create Heaven on Earth.

Lenora Swan‘s life mission is to “Be Love.”  She is a gifted sound healer and energy worker as well as an ordained Priestess and has worked with many world renowned healers and energy worker.  She is a Oneness Blessing giver and has studied, Reconnection with Eric Pearl, Matrix Energetics with Richard Bartlett, Rieki and Light Body with Ashanna Solaris and Energy Alignment with Scout Bartlett.  She is the proud mother of two powerful and sensitive men and her guidance, spirit and nurture allow them to honor and express all of themselves.

TJ Woodward is an Inspirational Speaker, Mystical Teacher, Recovery Coach and Spiritual Counselor. He has encouraged numerous people to live empowered, abundant and meaningful lives through his insightful yet simple teachings.  TJ is a graduate of both the Spiritual Development Program and the Leadership Development Program at Unity School in Unity Village, MO. Over the years, he has developed a series of workshops, lectures and seminars covering a broad range of topics, which invite participants to live abundantly and make a positive difference in the world. TJ currently serves as the Spiritual Director of AWAKENED LIVING in San Fancisco.

Laura Taylor :  Laura’s purpose and passion is to express herself from a place of wholeness, and to assist others to bloom and become who they dearly want to be. She draws upon both training and intuition to create a healing space for personal transformation, moving past fear and limitation to create a life of joy, forward motion and realized dreams.  Laura is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique Trainer, Sound Healer, Energy Therapist, Clairvoyant, and Results Coach. She has worked as a multi-faceted healer and spiritual teacher for 25 years. www/