Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

Past Life Integration

Connect with the Greater Part of Your Being
Sessions last approximately 2 hours

After clearing and harmonizing the chakras using crystals and focussed sound vibration we connect with your Higher (Soul) Self who will act as your intimate guide to access the previous (or sometimes future) lifetimes that have a direct connection to your evolving journey here and now.

  • Discover the source of themes and patterns that obscure your true and joyful self expression.
  • Reveal and reignite dormant gifts and talents that are ready to blossom.
  • Gain insights about your present relationships as you recognize those with whom you’ve shared previous lifetimes.

Through this process you will experience the multi-dimensional, eternal aspect of your Being and feel the power and presence of you Higher Guidance and Soul Family.

This process which evolved from my experiences at The Light Institute can be done either remotely or in-person. In person sessions are encouraged for those living in or visiting the San Francisco Bay area, and THERE ARE CERTAIN BENEFITS TO WORKING REMOTELY! The Past Life Process opens into higher vibrational octaves where the restrictions of time & space disappear. Being alone (I will be with you online or via phone) in your own familiar space can facilitates a deep, intimate connection to your Soul Group and Higher Guidance which opens the channels to Past Life Recall.

Recently I worked through the process with 2 clients, remotely, one on the east coast and one in Thailand. Here is the feedback I receive after they completed the Series:

“The 3 days of my recent “past life regression” sessions have been incredibly important for my personal growth. My past life relationships, actions and reactions, also my mistakes, clearly revealed the reasons I have been stuck in a sad, emotional, self-destructive pattern this present lifetime.
I deeply appreciate your guidance and your profound patience in assisting me in this process of clearing which also facilitated the reconnection with my longtime friend (now in another realm). It was beautiful. Thank you.” (J.S.).

“Ask your Higher Self to show you a lifetime or past experience that will give you deeper clarity and understanding about your souls journey in this lifetime.”

I’m laying on a table at The Light Institute in Galisteo, New Mexico.  My eyes are closed and I’m hearing the voice of Barbara, the facilitator seated at the crown of my head. I repeat her question silently to my Higher Power …

“I feel pain in my left leg… I smell gunpowder. It’s the Civil War. I’m lying on a battlefield wearing Union blue. My left leg is gone from the knee down.” 

“Let yourself move into the experience, into the soldier.” Barbara coaxes.

“I can’t. It’s too painful.”

“This is what your Higher Power needs you to experience. It’s a part of you that’s calling for integration, healing.”

Her words trigger a feeling of compassion that allows me to move fully into the soldier. Tears begin to flow as I realize I’m barely 18 years old and the intense pain in my leg is nothing compared to the searing regret and anger that envelops me.
How can this be happening? I followed the rules. Did what I was supposed to do and now my life is over?!
The burning pain in my leg feeds the caustic stench of anger and regret. I want to die, to escape this nightmare but I’m stuck, trapped by this pain and regret. I can’t admit that my life has come to this, and it’s over. I need someone, something to blame.

I focus on the charred, grey uniform lying nearest to me. A dead Confederate soldier, the enemy. I want to blame him, to vomit all my pain, anger and regret onto him. but I can see his face and all I see is myself. He’s my age, even younger… another, pathetic, wasted life. But at least he is at peace, death has released him from this hell. I long for that peace, for my pain to end, but I can’t let go. I can’t die alone, not like this.  I need someone to see, someone to care, to feel, to know what I’m feeling. 

“I want my mother.”

I moan the thought of my dying self out loud to Barbara through deep sobs and as I do he opens his eyes, the Confederate soldier, and looks into mine. He’s still alive. The connection is immediate. I am no longer alone. I feel an all-encompassing compassion, connection. It’s what I begged for and it’s coming from him, through him. The pain and regret melts away as empathy and compassion flow back to him.

Then his eyes become still as a luminous aura appears around him and lifts into the sky, joining with what seemed like thousands of other radiant auras. I feel my last breath as the palpable release of my physical body and then I’m floating up, lifting into the vibrant cloud of radiant, juicy mango colored light that’s congealing over the battlefield.
I’m surrounded, saturated with unconditional compassion and love. I look out over the field observing thousands of auras lifting up and melting into the mango colored cloud of divine compassion and love floating over the field and I know without a doubt that everything is happening in divine order.

From this place of soul connection I look back at the life I’ve just lived and realize that nothing was wasted. I feel myself embodying the powerful lessons and nourishment from that life, not the least of which is my deep awareness of the futility of war and the necessity of following my own truth and not the edicts of society, family etc.

Then Barbara asks

“Do you recognize anyone from that lifetime who is present in your life today?”

“Yes. The confederate soldier. It’s my best friend, Jeffrey.”

With this awareness the validity and power of our relationship deepens for me in both feeling and understanding.

The resonance of that past life became clearer and sweeter during the next few years as Jeffrey was diagnosed with AIDS and I was able care for him, be with him and share with him his departure from this lifetime.

As I write this the tears are again flowing. I feel Jeffrey here, now, and the love that we’ve share through many lifetimes and probably will share through many more.

There is also a knowing that when it’s my time to depart this life, this body, he will be part of the Soul Family there to greet me and cheer me on to my next adventure… or maybe join me.

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