Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

Mentor Program

Get the individual support and attention you need to create palpable, positive growth and movement.

The Mentor Program is a holistic process bringing balance and harmony to all aspects of life: money, career, relationships, health and living situation. Balancing the three-fold aspects of Love, Power & Wisdom within Mind, Body & Spirit you will experience the secure satisfaction of being grounded into your Point of Power. Experience the unending support that is always available when we begin to listen from a place of Grounded Presence.

Single Mentoring Session

Get clear about who you are & where you’re going.
Deepen your connection with intuition & Higher Guidance.
Experience r
enewed awareness & confidence in your gifts & talents
with tools & practices that continue to support your evolving journey.

Mentoring Series
Six 60-minute Session

Get continued support for all of the above.
Plus the time & space to step fully into your Truth & Authenticity.

Contact me to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION to explore how
The Mentor Program could be the next step in your Journey.

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“I’ve worked with Carsten for almost 10 years now, and he has been the catalyst for so many amazing shifts and new awarenesses in my life. His transformational work is very deep, yet he brings an incredible lightness and joy to it. Sessions with Carsten are profound, peaceful, informative , non-judgmental, grounded, sacred, and deeply healing. He has been such a blessing in my life, and I am so grateful to know him!” (Christina N.)

“Today I had my 1 on 1 session with Carsten Spencer. I have experienced many 1 on 1 sessions prior to this. I have never felt so uplifted, so comfortable, so spontaneous with ANYONE prior to this. The Divine Feminine is bringing in Divine Masculine Men to replace Patriarchal men, Carsten is clearly one of these wonderful men!!! I am a gem healer and so is Carsten, among his many gifts. His toning is clearly from Heaven, without a doubt! I am still in ecstasy many hours after my session with Carsten. I Whole Heartedly recommend him to all who seek a Heaven on Earth experience!” (Carolyn L.)

“Just being in Carsten’s presence brings a feeling of calm and peace. His guided meditations alone raise me up to a wonderful high vibration. He makes beautiful sounds with his voice that open our chakras and heals our bodies. Carsten makes you feel welcome and comfortable to share what is going on with you. He has a love, compassion, and kindness that is like no other. (Jill)

I wanted to share a little about my experience working with Carsten. At the start of our session I was still holding on to past hurts, anger and resentments towards my ex-husband. Carsten invited me to shift how I was choosing to view the past with my ex-husband. As I made the conscious choice to change my thinking I felt things shifting for me. By the end of our session I felt lighter and excited to practice thinking “what if nothing is wrong?” as I move forward in my journey. I see my ex-husband as a catalyst for my growth and expansion and as a player in our karmic relationship. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Carsten and his team of crystals, angels and guides. Sat nam and namaste. (Marla T.)