Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

Healing Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Carsten Energy Alignment™ is a powerful tool for healing any trauma; especially childhood trauma associated with sexual abuse issues. This is part of my own past and Carsten Energy Alignment™ grew out of my desire to help others heal into their bodies as I had done.  Carsten Energy Alignment™ is informed by the thirty years of healing work I’ve done around this issue.  I know the power of this process because as I developed Carsten Energy Alignment™ I experienced a deep and profound healing.   Working to balance and align the energies of hundreds of clients those first two years, I felt my own energies shift and align.  I gained an understanding of the chakras, the different energy centers of the body, and how they need to balance and flow in harmony with each other.  This happens naturally and organically when we center the energy into the heart chakra.  As this happened for me, chronic pains and dis-eases (including allergies, headaches, chronic sciatica and hip pain) disappeared.  Anxiety, anger and resentment subsided, as did much of my negative and compulsive thinking.  In fact, my sexual compulsion issues resolved and ultimately vanished, which opened me to the loving relationship that I now enjoy with my partner of four years.   Over the years I’ve seen similar results with many clients.

Carsten Energy Alignment™  in combination with my work can help you heal from trauma and/or sexual abuse allowing you to release the past and experience the joy and power of being fully alive in your own body and present in your own life.

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