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-Connect with Your Loved Ones on the Other Side.
-Heal your grief and experience the support and guidance of your departed loved ones.

“The veil between the realms is thinner than you think–thin and transparent.  Close your eyes and feel it…”
Sue Frederick

I received the following message from my Mom who passed in ’06.  I was having a very tough day.  So, following the guidance I learned during my Grief Counceling training, I went into meditation and tuned into Mom’s energy.  The message below is what came through.

(This is the last picture taken of Mom before she passed.)

Don’t regret the past.  Know I am here with you in every breath.  You came forth to feel and heal the grief of generations.  That’s what all your “challenges” are triggering in you.  The critical energy you felt from me [when I was alive] was based in fear… fear that at it’s heart was love, but it was stifled by grief, blocked by regret.  Yes, you are faithful… filled with faith.  Trust it!  Trust is the fertilizer that grows faith.  Throw hope away… with FAITH you need it not.  I know you want more and you shall have it.  There is nothing to fix on the outside or on the inside.  Keep taking bold and confident steps toward what you want and remember to enjoy each day.  YOU MUST EXPRESS YOUR HEART; perform, act, dance, sing, write, express your unique vision/version of life.  That is your power… and that is what you are afraid of.  Don’t use others or any outside event or circumstance as an excuse.  Keep the focus on yourself and your eyes on the prize: your highest vision — the dream that fills your Soul.  You know what that is.  Take the steps, do the work to make it happen.  Enjoy the process… ALL OF IT!  Your life is a beautiful mosaic coming together in Divine Order.  We are here to help… guiding  you… urging you… inspiring you onward.  We feel you.  Feel us!  It is not your imagination.  The veil is lifting.  Trust it!! and HAVE FAITH.  XXXOOO  MOM  In March of 2013 while in Brazil visiting John of God I received a profound ancestral healing which took my grief healing work to a whole new level.  CLICK HERE to read the the message I got from my dad right after I returned. I love this work!!  Helping clients connect with their loved ones on the other side and experience the deep healing, love and guidance available when we make that connection is some of the most heart warming and satisfying work I do. The process is life changing.  Afterward I felt different, like something deep inside had shifted.” Lenora Swan, San Francisco Call (917 453 3687) or email me today to set up a session.  I’m glad to answer any question you may have.  Your loved ones are watching and communicating with you.  Are you ready to hear them?  

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