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Screen shot 2016-04-22 at 8.51.33 AMCRYSTAL CARD READINGS
$20 Gift Certificate = 20 minute reading

$30 Gift Certificate = 30 minute reading

$45 Gift Certificate = 45 minute reading

$60 Gift Certificate = 60 minute reading

Reading can be done over the phone or in person on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays from 1-5pm at:
Scarlet Sage Herb Co

1193 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA (edit map)

Thank you for the fabulous reading yesterday!  Last night I had a powerfully vivid dream about receiving a dragon egg and watching it hatch and taking care of it.  It felt creative and passionate and has been carrying throughout my day as a feeling that’s been renewed.” (Barrett) 

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I have been continually reflecting on it since. I will come back.” (Ryan)

Thank you so much Carsten.  I really appreciate your wisdom and presence.” (Adrian)

Thank you for your insight and guidance.  I felt more at peace after the reading.” (Carla)

Thank you so much.  It was a pleasure meeting you.  I’ve felt much lighter ever since.  I don’t give compliments lightly. Thanks again.” (Loretta)

Thank you so much.  Your reading has been so illuminating.  I would love to come in for another session soon.” (Jessica)

Thank you Carsten!  I so appreciate your spiritual guidance.” (Nicole)

The power of the Liquid Crystal Oracle, the deck I use, is that aside from the valuable information and guidance you receive (similar to a Tarot reading or other Oracle cards) the Oracle will also connect you with the harmonizing and clearing energy of the crystals themselves, which activate and harmonize the rainbow body, bringing the chakra system into alignment with your personal evolutionary path as well as the evolutionary thrust of Mother Earth and the cosmos at large.  I will also do some sound healing activations with my voice during the reading which helps integrate the energy of the crystals.