2012 TOTAL RENEWAL: a seven week tele-seminar program starts in January

During this seminar you will:

  • Learn how to instantly ground yourself into your “power center.”
  • Find out that Yoga is much more that just the classes and postures.
  • Discover how a just few minutes a day will Yoga an enhance every aspect of your life.
  • Identify destructive message you send your body & learn to send love instead.
  • Learn to listen to your body so you can eat what you want without guilt or weight gain.
  • Discover that Yoga is not just an exercise practice, it’s a philosophy and way of life.
  • Discover how to stop monkey mind & focus your creative power to get what you want.
  • I’ll also share my antidote for chronic pain & injuries

During the 7 weeks you’ll create the picture of how you want you life to be and learn how to use simple powerful tool to create your vision and get what you want in all areas of your life:

Your physical body: health and wellbeing
Right livelihood: career, business, and finances
Relationships: Soulmate, friends, business & your relationship to yourself & your world.

Learn everything you don’t get in a regular Yoga Class.
I’ll share all the secrets I’ve learned over my 36 years of practicing & teaching yoga.

CHAKRA AWAKENINGS Seven Guided Meditations: A Perfect Christmas Gift

Seven Meditation
Seven Chakras
Seven Days
Balance your energy in just one week
Feel the power as your energy aligns
Experience the world in a new way as you experience

Album Style and description:
7 guided meditations to balance the chakra and harmonize mind, emotions, body and spirit. Spoken word with healing music.


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Audio download only for $9.99

For individual Chakra meditation audio downloads each $1.50


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Album Notes:
The idea of “Chakra Awakenings” first came to me in December of 2010 when David Austin, who composed the music, approached me after I had led a guided meditation during the Sunday Service at Unity San Francisco. He had the idea of doing a cd with seven guided meditations, one for each day of the week. The chakras immediately came to my mind. I’d worked with the chakras both personally and with clients over the years. In fact, my desire to balance and harmonize the chakras and get the consciousness fully centered and grounded in the body is what inspired me to develop Carsten Energy Alignment, the energetic bodywork technique I developed in 2007-2008. David loved the chakra idea, yet because there were already a lot of chakra meditations out there we wanted to do something unique and relevant to the spiritual transformation taking place on the planet right now. I think we succeeded and hope you enjoy the results and will feel the power of these meditations.