Carsten Spencer

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7-Week SoulMate Program Special



*Learn to trust your heart and heal past hurts.
*Get clear about who you are and what you want.
*Release what’s been holding you back.
*Learn to set boundaries.
*Speak your truth and ask for what you want.
*Tap into your inner magnetism.
*Attract your SoulMate.


–Are you looking for love in all the wrong places or all the right places but are still alone?
-Has your heart has been broken and you’re afraid to try again?
–Have you given up on love and decided its just not for you?
–Do you believe you just don’t have what it takes?
–Are you longing for love but the idea of dating triggers a panic attack?
–Do you think you are too sensitive or shy?
–When you like someone do you get overwhelmed and float out of your body?
–Are the people you’re attracted to either already taken or don’t seem interested in you?
–Are you in a relationship that’s not fulfilling and feel you deserve something better?

During this 7-week program you will:

=>Reconnect with your passion.
=>Get clear on what you want, and get clear about your gifts and what you have to offer.
=>Identify and release your blocks, limiting beliefs and codependent patterns that keep attracting what you don’t want and keeps your soulmate (the one that vibrates to the best in you) from seeing, and more important, feeling you.
=>Learn why “happily ever after” is a recipe for disaster and a trigger for insecurity and self sabotage and how living in the moment is the best chance for a joy filled, lasting relationship.
=>Transform past hurts and failures into present power and strength.
=>Discover why codependency is the #1 dis-ease on the planet and the #1 block to real intimacy.
=>Learn how setting boundaries and expressing your truth creates intimacy and makes you more lovable.
=>Unleash your secret power that makes you irresistible to your potential soulmate.

You will experience real transformation as I guide you through this powerful journey that I’ve been traveling with great success with my private clients.

You will  have the added support and encouragement of the group. I’ve helped men and women, straight, gay and everything in between connect with their soulmate. One of the powerful aspects of this program is the group dynamic.  We will develop a powerful support community.  You will learn from each others experiences, benefit from the different points of view and forge lasing friendships with your fellow travelers.
Who knows, your soulmate may be one of them.

Find Your SoulMate Program includes:

7 Live Weekly Teleconferences

During these coaching calls I’ll talk you through the process I’ve been using so successfully with my private client.  They’ll be plenty of time for questions and sharing and we will all have a chance to learn from each other.  You will receive a recording of each call the next day so even if you miss a call, you won’t really miss anything and can listen at your convenience as often as you choose.

Weekly Guided Meditations, Support Tools, Daily Practices

Don’t get freaked out.  I’m not going to overload you with homework.  However I do want you to have success with this process and I’ve learned with my private clients what works. If I give you too much you get overwhelmed and frustrated and don’t do it.  If I give you just enough it keeps you involved, committed and enjoying the process.  You will feel the shifts on the inside and see them on the outside, which makes it fun and keeps you inspired.  This is the ticket for success and I want you to succeed.

The Find Your SoulMate Support Blog

Though the Find Your SoulMate Support Blog you will have the constant support of the group and I’ll be checking in,  posting and answer questions to keep you on track.  This blog will continue beyond the seven weeks creating an ongoing SoulMate support community.

The process is fun, revealing and ultimately liberating.  It will include a lot of laughter and probably some tears, which are both powerful parts of real healing.  Don’t be surprised if you start seeing real results even before we reach the halfway point.

My SoulMate Journey:

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

This line from the song “Nature Boy” changed my life.

When I was in 3rd grade I had a special feeling for Robert, a boy in my class.  I hoped that maybe he felt the same for me so one day I kissed him.  He called me a homo, punched me in the stomach and knocked the wind out of me.  I was devastated.

I had no idea what a homo was but I knew it couldn’t be good.  When my older brother explained it was a guy who loves other guys, and that it was probably the worst thing you could possible be, I felt like someone had trampled on my heart.  How could this thing that felt so wonderful be so bad?

I tried to hide it, deny it but I couldn’t.  I got very sad for a long time.

In 7th grade I heard “Nature Boy” for the first time.  Tears filled my eyes as I heard that final line; tears of joy and relief telling me that no matter what anyone else said or thought I could not deny this part of myself.  I had to follow my heart.

Following my heart and learning to love and be loved in return has been an amazing adventure and an integral part of my spiritual journey.  It has taught me so much about myself, about life and about relationships.  It has not always been an easy road.  My heart has been broken many times and I have had the wind knocked out of me more than once.  But I never gave up.

Today I’m in relationship with someone I love, who loves me in return.  Our relationship is a source of joy and healing for both of us. It enhances every area of my life, motivating me to be my best, most authentic self.  This is why I get so excited every time I work with a client who’s ready to open to love and find their soulmate.  Or when a client who had given up on love (and given me all the reasons why it can’t, or won’t, or hasn’t worked for them) has a breakthrough and admits their heart still longs for love.  Because wanting it, desire, is the key that opens the door.

Desire is a powerful motivator and the desire to find your soulmate, to love and be loved in return, may be the most powerful motivating force in all humanity, because that desire blossoms from desire to KNOW THYSELF.  What better way to know and experience yourself than through the eyes of your soulmate?

That desire, in combination with my soulmate process is the reason my private clients have successfully moved through their blocks into mutually loving relationships.  Watching them blossom has inspired me to create this program.

If your heart longs to love and be loved in return, then this program will help you do just that.

If you’re still not sure this program is for you, check out what Christina (one of my current clients) has to say:

If your heart longs for that soulmate connection
then I know your soulmate is out there looking for you!