Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

Chronic Pain & Injuries

The body holds trauma — physical, emotional and mental trauma — causing blockages in the flow of energy, which causes pain.  Pain is your body’s way of communicating to you, calling for attention and healing.  Carsten Energy Alignment™ responds to this call, releasing the blocks and freeing the flow of prana (the life force energy connected with the breath).  Prana flows along meridians or energy channels known in Thai Yoga Massage as Sen Lines, also often described as “tube of air.” When these tubes of air are clear, life force flows freely allowing the body to heal and be free from pain.  Carsten Energy Alignment™ not only frees the flow of life force/prana but with the standing massage and active stretches realigns the body over its natural center reprogramming muscle memory.  Carsten Energy Alignment™ also  balances the energy centers/chakras bringing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects into harmony.