Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga

Crystal Sound Bath/LightBody Activation

th-25I use sound vibration, crystals and Angelic communion to activate the LightBody. Then we use guided visualization and mental reprograming to get the chakras communicating.  This process reconnects the mental body to the chakra system activating the Rainbow (Light) Body, awakening an awareness of and access to your innate gifts and talents. The 90 minute session includes a Life Path Reading, focussing on your birth path, Saturn cycle and earth journey giving guidance for all aspect of your life at this moment in time: MONEY, CAREER, HEATH, RELATIONSHIPS & LIVING SITUATION.

– Clear blocks and obscurations:
– Free the flow of life force energy 
 – Experience physical, mental, emotional & spiritual harmony
 – Increase self confidence, focus & clarity
 – Heighten intuitive abilities by connecting with Guides & Higher Self

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60 minutes: $175
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