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Energy & Light Workers Teacher Training

Part I
Source Connection
Schedule for Part I:
Saturday, June 17, 9am – 1:30pm
Tuesday, June 20, 4:30pm – 9pm
Saturday, June 24, 9am – 1:30pm

This training is an exploration into our energetic evolution and is designed to activate your conscious connection to the flow of Life Force Energy and enhance your ability to direct this energy to facilitate integration, balance and healing.  I’ll be sharing the tools, techniques and practices I’ve developed during 27 years of working with clients and groups, and I welcome all of your experience, talents, skills, gifts and creativity to be part of this process.  Our talents and gifts are blossoming.  My vision for this process is that it empowers us to own, embody and share our unique talents and gifts as we become conscious participants in the evolution of Humanity and Mother Earth.

— Learn to use your hands and inner senses to tune into your client and read their physical, emotional and energetic body.

–We’ll explore the use of the breath, gravity, sound and touch to bring body, mind, emotions and the chakra system into balance and alignment.

–Experience the dynamics of energy flow, as we work with the sen lines (meridians), sound and vibrational healing,  as well as focused visualization and intension.

–I will share the philosophy behind CEA and all the tools and techniques I’ve developed over 27 years of working with individual clients and groups,  including how to work with clients via phone or Skype.

Rebates & Bonuses:

$50 rebate is available to those that have taken The Presence Process with me.
$50 rebate is also available to those who have taken Tibetan Sound Healing: The Warrior Seed Syllables with me.

Bonus:  Reduced rate for Private Training Sessions
For all those taking The Teacher Training I’m offering over 50% reduction from my regular rate for up to 6, one-on-one, private therapeutic training sessions:
$60 for 60 minute session
$80 for 90 minute session

These enhanced private training sessions will be both therapeutic for you personally and are designed to enhance your training as we focus on your specific issues and clear obstacles that block the flow or you unique, gifts and talents.

Please call if you have any question or want to discuss any of this.

Scholarships and payment plans available.


and pay just

Tentative schedule: Part I — June 2017.  Part II — August 2017.  Part III — Fall 2017.

**Graduates of the Three Part Teacher Training will be listed on my website as Certified CEA Practitioners along with their picture and bio listing uniques talents and expertise.

I’m here to answers your question.
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917 453 3687 

**Along with all three parts of the Teacher Training, a Certified CEA Practitioner must also have completed two of the following:

1. The complete 10-week *Presence Process with me.
2. *The Tibetan Sound Healing 5 Warrior Seed Syllables 5-week series with me.
3. A series of 6 or more private session with me. (I will be offering a special price to all Teacher Training participants for private “training” sessions as described above.)
*The Presence Process and/or *The Tibetan Sound Healing can be part of an enhanced series of private training session at the reduced rate.