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Carsten Spencer:  Spiritual Mentor, inspirational speaker, teacher, and energy worker. Carsten is the Pastor and Spiritual Leader of Unity of Richmond East Bay, the creator of Carsten Energy Alignment™ and The Miracle in 3 Breaths™. His intention is to live from the heart, holding a space of love and acceptance that encourages connection, conscious awakening and authentic, creative self-expression. For 7 years he was the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Richmond East Bay (UREB). Carsten is also an artist, actor/performer, playwright and director.

“Through my own healing journey of self-doubt and self-discovery, a process of learning to be fully present in my own body, I have embraced my path as an artist, spiritual teacher and visionary.  My goal is to live from the heart, holding a space of self-love and acceptance where we can experience the connectedness, Unity and Oneness with Spirit, humanity and all of life.  I use my gifts to create a healing atmosphere that allows you to awaken to your authentic self and claim your natural state of vibrant health, prosperity and self-expression.” (Carsten Spencer)

“Carsten is a leader, a visionary healer and teacher creating a new vision of what it is to live in our bodies with health, peace and power.  His techniques move people from fear and disempowerment to knowing that they have the power, vision and gifts to heal themselves.” (Sue Frederick, Author, Intuitive & Key Note Speaker)

“Just being in Carsten’s presence brings a feeling of calm and peace. His guided meditations alone raise me up to a wonderful high vibration. He makes beautiful sounds with his voice that open our chakras and heals our bodies. Carsten makes you feel welcome and comfortable to share what is going on with you. He has a love, compassion, and kindness that is like no other.” (Jill M.)

My Journey: In 1985 physical injuries threatened to end my career as a performer.  Finding no relief through traditional medicine I was guided to visit The Light Institute for past life regression where I connected with my Higher Self and gained a deeper understanding of energy and it’s relationship with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the Self.  This understanding in combination with meditation and yoga enabled me to heal my body and approach my life with a greater sense of purpose and empowerment.

In 2006 while caring for my mother who was making her transition, I had the good fortune to connect with a Native American sound healer who was able to reverse the growth of my mother’s liver cancer.  I was present during these sessions and felt the effect of a powerful healing energy.  On my 52nd birthday I was gifted with a “sound bath” (a powerful energy healing and initiation).   Nine month after that sound bath initiation as I began working one-on-one with yoga clients, I felt this healing energy flowing through me, guiding me to create the energy balancing process I call Carsten Energy Alignment™.  Toning and vibrational integration is now a key element of my work and over the past 15 years, my journey has led me to work with Crystals and the Ancestral and Angelic realms initiated by the visitation of Metatron during a private session with a client. As I opened the Heart Chakra of my  client with a sustained tone I heard the word  “METATRON” as a flowing pattern of liquid orange light burst into the room saturating both my client and me in radiant Light.  Metatron as well as Quan Yin have become valued guides and teachers.  I feel them both as ever present aspect of my Being.

Recently I have added the Past Life Connection/Ancestral Communion Series as part of my Mentor Program which empowers clients to not only access the army of Angels and Ancestors available to us all, but also to experience the multi-dimensionality of their being as they clear karma and negative patterns from past incarnations, recognize their innate gifts, and step fully into their own power and the evolution.

My Performing Career began in 1973 when Diana Ross pulled me out of the audience to dance with her during her live show in Las Vegas.  My career has included dancing, singing and acting, writing, directing and producing.  I have performed in theater, film, television, nightclubs and cabaret. I have written and produced my own television shows, written, produced and directed numerous plays, cabaret acts and many one-man shows.  I have also taught dance and movement to children and adults and have worked with children, facilitating theater workshops and intensives.

Recently I’ve performed the first scene of a Memoir play with a cast of friends and fellow performer at Monday Night Marsh and am now rehearsing a cast for a play I wrote nearly 20 years ago that I rediscovered during the covid shutdown. Enhanced by Zemanta