Carsten Spencer

Love Life Yoga


SOLSTICE CEREMONY Dec. 21st 6 – 7:30pm


at the door
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The ceremony will take place at
Wellness Space
located below
The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.
1193 Valencia Street
Enter through the door just to the right of THE SCARLET SAGE

We are in the midst of an evolutionary serge and are now receiving potent, purifying energies from the cosmos.  The Winter Solstice offers us the opportunity to clear past karma, release outmoded patterns and beliefs and call forth the energies and guidance that will propel us into the next level of our creative potential.

Join us as we harmonize our Chakras and align with the energies of the Solstice. As we recognize our gifts as conscious creators, we will open our hearts and minds to the loving, evolving power of Universal Consciousness.
Feel free to bring any crystals, sacred objects and sounding instruments.
** All are welcome to attend  the Solstice Celebration at THE SCARLET SAGE HERB CO. immediately following the Solstice Ceremony.


Love & Light All Ways
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