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Certificate Training
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Carsten Energy Alignment is a unique yoga/based massage and energy balancing process developed through 25 years of teaching and practicing yoga, meditation and many forms of massage, bodywork and energetic healing modalities.  Carsten Energy Alignment aligns the body over its natural center, balances the chakras, frees life force, opens the heart and harmonizes mind, body and spirit.

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(Training can be done in person or remotely via Skype.)

CEA Certificate Training will consist of:

These sessions will include:
Conscious Listening:
Learn to 
use your hands and inner senses to tune into your client and read their physical, emotional and energetic body .

The Standing Process:
I’ll teach you to use the breath, gravity, sound and touch to bring body, mind, emotions and the chakra system into balance and alignment.

The Floor Work:
Explore the dynamics of energy flow including foot work, opening the sen lines, sound and vibrational healing, and focused visualization and intension.

 You will learn the philosophy behind CEA and all the tools and techniques I’ve developed over the years working with hundreds of clients including how to work with clients via phone or Skype.

I will be working one-on-one with you to strengthen your skills and help you develop a clear understanding of the process.  We’ll discover, develop and hone your innate talents and unique gifts and explore how those talents and gifts can best be expressed through the CEA process.  Remote/Skype students will work with a practice client during these session and the session will include input/feedback from the practice client.

You will work with your own clients honing and deepening your experience and understanding of the work.  After each session you will complete a “Session Evaluation” which you will send to me for review.

To complete the Certification Process, we will have a final one-on-one session in which I will receive a CEA from you, after which I will give you my final evaluation.  If you’ve passed you will receive your Certificate and will be listed on my website as a CEA Practitioner along with your picture and bio.  If you don’t pass, we will discuss the specifics of what you need to work on and we will schedule another evaluation session for a later date.  We will repeat the process at no extra cost as many times as necessary for you to become a competent and confident CEA practitioner.  Remote/Skype students will do a Skyped session with a practice client.  Feedback from the practice client will be part of the evaluation process.

Carsten Energy Alignment
Certificate Training

(payment plans and scholarships available on request) 

“After my first session working with Carsten I immediately knew I had stumbled onto something special. I thought to myself, “I’m not sure exactly how it worked, but it sure did work!”. Since then I have had three more sessions with him, and following the course of this work, I can reflect on how much more authentic I feel. I really believe that some of the blocks that have been inhibiting me from being myself have been loosened up. I also feel so much more in touch with my inner world. One of the most attractive aspects to working with Carsten is how safe of an environment he provides. Aside from the energy work portion, he checks in with me about my emotions in such a non-judgmental way that I feel I can share anything with him on a “what’s really going on” level. His alignment process seems to be a very complete package for aiding in spiritual growth, and I look forward to continuing to work with Carsten. I would recommend him to anyone, even those who may initially have doubts about the process. My suggestion would be to try it out… and notice how you feel afterwards. For me it was not subtle, it was magical!” (Bee Dow, San Francisco)

“I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing/delight/pleasure it was to meet you today and to work with you. I have been glowing all day and have been able to forgo my usual ibuprofen doses mid-day and tonight. Meeting you was so therapeutic on many levels – physically experiencing such release of blocks with associated emotional stuff being released.”  (A.F. San Francisco)

“An amazing session. I felt rejuvenated the next few days, much more flexible and just overall good! Just chatting was great and helped me relieve lots of stress. Considering I spent lots of time in airports Wednesday and Thursday I still felt good, with great presence of mind and control. Thanks so much. Can’t wait to do it again.  (J.D. San Francisco)

“Carsten is full of knowledge and has a gorgeous spirit that let’s you know that you are in amazing hands that are tuned into an incredible energy source. You will leave a better person.”  (C.M. New York)