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The Presence Process

“Personal Peace is not given to us by others — it arises through our response to ourselves.” Michael Brown


A Journey into Present Moment Awareness

The Presence Process tell us ”If it’s happening, it’s required.” and reminds us that our spiritual practice ”is not about feeling better, it’s about getting better at feeling.” These statements embody the practices of non-resistance and emotional liberation, core principles of Buddhist teaching.

Thousands of years ago the Tibetan Buddhist invited us to step off the karmic wheel–to move from cause and effect into what they call spontaneous action–by allowing the emotions to self-liberate, to simply “be with the emotions without grasping or averting.”  Sounds simple but not necessarily easy because the mental body has been programed to move into fight/flight whenever the emotional body gets triggered.  We’ve learned to fix rather than feel.  Reactionary fixing triggered by a fight/flight response creates more karma (more uncomfortable and unintegrated emotional baggage).

This ancient wisdom is at the very heart of The Presence Process.  Couched in present-day language The Presence Process is a step-by-step process that fosters a harmonious relationship between the mental and emotional bodies creating the space for the emotions to self-liberate.  

Allowing the emotions to self-liberate, LIBERATES THE SELF. Limiting and negative patterns, behaviors and beliefs begin to melt away.  Error thinking about ourselves and the world based in lack or “not enough” is replaced by an awareness of ever-present support and abundance.  A me-against-the-world consciousness that sees life and/or the self as a problem that needs to be fixed or solved is replace by Present Moment Awareness, an experience of connection and wholeness that encourages the spontaneous action that leads to authentic movement.  In short, life becomes an adventure to be experience and savored rather that a problem to be solved.

There is an evolutionary shift taking place on the planet.  Humanity is awakening, moving out of an ego mindset of fight/flight driven by a me-against-the-world consciousness that is addicted to blame and guilt, victims and victors.  We are moving into the Heart, awakening to Present Moment Awareness, a state of unconditional acceptance of self and others and life itself. Depression and anxiety and the negative patterns and experiences that keep showing up are caused by unintegrated emotions. The Presence Process allows you to integrates these emotions.  Through the process you will discover your authentic self and awaken to the joy, gratitude and abundance that is the truth of who and what you are.


“I am showing up in my life differently and it feels good. I no longer regularly second guess myself or worry about the past or the future.  I also know the best way to help my children, friends and humanity is to be present in my own life and in tune with my authentic self. In that way, it gives everyone else the permission to do the same and find the peace and love they seek inside themselves.” Carol Baccile

“I have noticed some changes already. I am more aware of how much judging I was doing…especially self judging…and I am more focused on “what am I feeling now. Thanks for this great experience.” Betty Brandon 

“[The Presence Process] gave me permission to feel my feelings without needing to make something of them, judge them, move them, submerge them, make them different.  [I] Actually had the experience of feeling pain the other day, and I welcomed it and said, “Oh, this is pain this is part of me and it’s okay to feel it just as it is.”  It was sill pain, but I had another relationship to it… an acceptance of it as a nourishment and an aid to move closer to being the authentic me…” Bill Appel

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41n8aJYjF3LThe text of this book is a perceptual framework designed to support the experiential procedure called The Presence Process. By reading it, we are gently led into this procedure, invited to experience it, and guided gently into a transformed everyday life.

Through experiencing Presence, we become present.

By completing this procedure, we are trained as self-facilitators of our ongoing journey into present moment awareness. We are reconnected with an aspect of our beingness that’s continually available to guide us. Hence we are freed from seeking this guidance from outer sources.

The Presence Process is a journey we deliberately choose to take into ourselves. It takes us through forgotten memories into unfamiliar emotional territory. It equips us to integrate the suppressed fear, anger, and grief that seep into our daily experience. This emotional terrain may at first appear alien to us, but it’s this forgotten energetic landscape that reunites us with our inherent innocence, joy, and creativity.

Even though it may appear we are making this journey alone, we are not. Part 1 of this text assists us in realizing this, since it is written to awaken a direct relationship with Presence. Although we may not know where we are heading right now, or how we are going to move in this direction, there’s an aspect of our beingness that does know because it knows everything. It’s what’s inviting us to embark on this inner pathway. This Presence knows what we seek and what’s required to attain it.

Presence is our best friend and closest companion, our champion and guard of honor. It carries our flag and supplies. It sends us off enthusiastically, and it’s present to greet us as we access present moment awareness.  Michael Brown – The Presence Process

The class will meet once a week for 12-13 weeks online.
I look forward to sharing this amazing adventure with you!

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  • Betty Brandon

    What time does it start?

  • Michael Brown

    Dearest Carsten and course participants. I just wanted to acknowledge you all for continuing to explore this work. May it bring you exactly what you require, and even a little of what you want. ;) Kindest regards, Michael.

    • Kim Martin Boger

      I had spoken with you a while back and would like to ask you a few more questions but not on a public forum. What is the best way to contact you via email?

    • Rita Bridenstine

      Michael, I’m sorry, I can’t find your email address and I know this post was 3 years ago, but I am wondering how you came to this statement in your book “Alchemy of the Heart” …. “We do not immediately enter the womb at the moment of conception. The physical vehicle we call our body first goes through a period of development empowering it with the capacity to contain the immensity of our vibrational essence. Our awareness only enters the physical body at about two months into the nine-month pregnancy cycle.”

  • Annie Liley

    Hi – I was wondering whether anyone had mp3 copies of Michael Brown’s 3 – 5 minute audios which demonstrate the type of breathing he instructs us to use in The Presence Process. They were available for download on but that site is no longer. If anyone does have them and would be willing to email me them or post them on youtube for me to watch, please let me know.

    best wishes – annie

  • Ken Tyler

    Hi Annie, the breathing audios are on
    Kind regards, Ken